Sustainability is on the tip of everyone’s tongues these days, but it is more than just the bandwagon effect at work. Now, in the 21st century, sustainability has become entwined with progress into the future.
HSBC has since taken the movement in its stride. The bank was recently crowned the World’s Best Bank for Sustainable Finance by Euromoney, establishing itself as a key leader in the matters of green banking. Recognising the paramount interests of the Earth, HSBC sought to share new ways of approaching investments and banking with its esteemed clients.

Future Green, the latest event by premium banking service HSBC Jade, sought to do so. It was an idyllic evening, held early August, for clients and investment experts to share the latest market insights while exploring the virtues of living a zero-waste lifestyle.

Succulents ready for picking (Image credit: HSBC Jade)

For the event, HSBC Jade collaborated with various forerunners of the green movement to create a meaningful experience for all.
Organic vegetable farm Orchidville, an early proponent of the farm-to-table dining movement, was transformed into a beautiful garden extending from the cocktail reception to the dining room. Award-winning caterer Mandarin Oriental customised menus for both cocktail reception and dinner, using locally-grown vegetables from Orchidville and ingredients from sustainable sources.


At the reception, guests were offered sliders with mango chutney featuring Impossible Foods’ patties — a convincing plant-based beef substitute that has surprised meat lovers around the world.
There were other creative canapes to pick from as well such as ‘Egg on Nest’ which sees a quail egg on coils of kataifi pastry and ‘Harvesting’, an interactive piece which sees guests picking out pickled root vegetables from a bed of dehydrated mushroom and olive ‘soil’. There was also a specially-concocted Jade Ambarella Cocktail, a gin cocktail with pandan, guava and ambarella (more commonly referred to as buah long long).

While enjoying bites and drinks, guests were treated to a few activities. Unpackt, the first bulk foods store in Singapore, offered guests a chance to churn their own almond butter and mix their own blend of muesli.  HSBC Jade also created a mini customised terrarium station with an array of succulents for guests to pick from.
Dinner was held in a transformed Greenhouse surrounding guests with lush vertical landscapes of living plants and herbs. Each table is crowned with a stunning centrepiece made of fruits, vegetables and flowers thoughtfully pieced together.


While HSBC investment experts shared their thoughts on sustainable banking, guests enjoyed a four-course dinner featuring responsibly-sourced ingredients from local producers, organic farms and sustainable fisheries. The selection of accompanying wines as well, red and white cuvees from Chateau Ferran Saint Pierre, are also certified bio-dynamic.
To begin, diners were offered lobster paired with locally-sourced herbs and seasonal fruits as a refreshing starter. It was followed by kampong chicken soup, a soothing herbal broth in a young coconut. For mains, Mandarin Oriental dished out a fork-tender Wagyu short rib with mulberry sauce and roasted codfish with a rich beurre blanc sauce.

While dessert of chocolate mousse and kaffir lime was served, everyone was treated to a stirring sand-painting performance depicting the effects of pollution in the world and how necessary changes can be made by taking responsible steps.
As a little memento of the night, guests were given a set of stainless steel straws to start them on their way to zero-waste living. Small steps, after all, can come to great effect.
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Photos provided by HSBC Jade.

This event was organised by Pernickety Events.

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