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It could be sliding down the ashy slopes of a still-active volcano or dining in the grand presence of Da Vinci’s Last Supper. These activities are just a few ways HSBC Jade has put together to lead its esteemed clients on the path to personal growth.

From providing preferential banking support and luxury concierge features, the premium banking service looks to further enhance its offerings to its customers. According to recent surveys by HSBC, more than 77% of Singapore’s millionaire see ‘personal growth as more important than increasing their wealth.’

The Enrich List"
(Image credit: HSBC Jade)

With that, HSBC Jade has launched its new lifestyle initiative, The Enrich List, with exclusively-curated experiences. Alongside the availability of luxury concierge services and banking services, The Enrich List was created as a ‘source of inspiration’ for customers.

The Enrich List
Ms Alice Fok, Head of Customer Proposition and Marketing, HSBC Bank (Singapore) (Image credit: HSBC Jade)

Ms Alice Fok, Head of Customer Proposition and Marketing, HSBC Bank (Singapore) explained, “Our research points to Singaporeans becoming more comfortable with their economic status. They are starting to shift their primary pursuit from material wealth to other more altruistic experiences which impacts the way they spend and invest. The Enrich List was developed to respond to this shift.”

This is why The Enrich List is more than just a collection of travel destinations. It is a portfolio of 50 meaningful experiences around the world, specifically curated with four fundamental pillars in mind: Curated Adventures, Ultimate Wellbeing, A Purposeful Life and Game Changers.

Over an intimate dinner, HSBC Jade introduced the spirit of The Enrich List to its clients, featuring local partners who embody these qualities. Dinner was held at entrepreneur Valerie Boffy’s private residence, guests were given an up-close insight to the adventurous personality that drove Boffy to organise numerous mentally-challenging expeditions, including climbing the Mount Everest.

Here, HSBC Jade clients are treated to one of the 50 experiences featured on The Enrich List: dinner by Dearborn, a private home-dining supper club that sees month-long waiting lists. Dearborn’s chef Christopher Kong, partnering with Mandarin Oriental Hotel, shared his meaningful take of fine-dining cuisine with greens, grains and sustainable seafood sourced regionally. Guests were also treated to cocktails with Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa and The Vitruvian Man printed atop, a nod to The Enrich List’s dining experience with the Renaissance master’s murals in view.

The Enrich List
(Image credit: HSBC Jade)

In the meantime, clients were treated to other exclusive experiences. Edmond Wong of Kim Choo Kueh Chang and Lim Tian Wee of Ujong Gourmet, espousing the need to preserve heritage businesses, collaborated for a one-off special kaya ondeh-ondeh. Simon Wong, the founder of social enterprise Triquetra, took customers on vintage Vespa sidecar rides around the neighbourhood.

Those who needed a breather found a moment of peace with celebrity yoga instructor Denise Keller who shared techniques through Pranayama sessions on enhancing one’s ultimate well-being.

On The Enrich List, HSBC Jade clients can choose from a wide variety of adventures and experiences ranging from holistic treatments by a luxury resort in the middle of a Filipino jungle to a rare expedition to the Titanic. Whichever one picks, HSBC Jade is committed to satisfying its clients with inspirational moments.

Find out more about HSBC Jade’s Enrich List here.

HSBC Jade reveals the best exclusive experiences to ‘enrich’ oneself

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