Kirin beer has a reputation for being a delicate and refreshing beer, so refined that a pint is able to complement an array of cuisines and dishes without overwhelming the natural flavours found in the dish. This is credited to the brand’s philosophy, which focuses on an attention to detail and simplicity. Every bottle of Kirin Ichiban beer is made with 100-percent premium-grade malt, made to enhance the drinking and dining experience. This is not a beer meant to be guzzled, but slowly savoured.

To exemplify how Kirin Ichiban can be paired with fine food, watch as Chef Motomatsu Takashi, of Teppan Kaiseki Satsuki, shows how his cuisine complements the beer in this video.

Chef Motomatsu designed two dishes to pair with Kirin Ichiban: sake-steamed Hokkaido oysters and a selection of skewers. These bites explode with umami without overpowering the taste of Kirin Ichiban, thanks to Chef Motomatsu’s characteristic mindfulness when preparing his recipes, much like how the brand crafts their beers. Watch and experience a visual feast. Remember to give this pairing a try the next time you’re at a fine dining Japanese restaurant that has Kirin available.

Teppan Kaiseki Satsuki is located at 59 Duxton Road, Singapore 089523, +65 6221 5234.

Producers: Azimin Saini and Beatrice Bowers
Video and edits: Rabbit Foot Productions
Interpreter: Misato Kiteretsu
Translation: Travis Chan 
Special thanks to Chef Motomatsu Takashi.

Beatrice Bowers
Features Editor
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