Perfectly swirled lattes, silky and aromatic long blacks, airy and indulgent macchiatos and cappuccinos: While these all sound like cups of coffee that you used to only be able to get at your local café — it’s now easier than ever to achieve the expert cup of brew from the comfort of your own home.

De’Longhi — storied Italian maker of coffee machines and other small kitchen essentials — has just unveiled its new Live Demo session to help coffee connoisseurs accurately determine exactly which coffee maker suits them best. While brands often incorporate live messaging customer support these days, De’Longhi is taking it one step further with a one-on-one video session with a De’Longhi Live Coffee Expert so you can see the products for yourself and learn everything you need about crafting the perfect cup o’ joe.

Curious about coffee but afraid to betray your lack of knowledge in a traditional retail shop? Or perhaps you’re time-strapped and unwilling to sit for hours sifting through coffee manuals or technical handbooks? De’Longhi aims to streamline the process and help you up your coffee game through a simple at-home solution: creating a highly personalised, obligation-free experience through their 1-on-1 video tutorial, so even the biggest coffee novice can improve their java experience with a few simple tips and tricks. Whether you’re an occasional coffee drinker or a dedicated caffeine addict, having access to a great cup of coffee any time of day is a luxury that, according to De’Longhi, everyone should have.

The possibilities for great coffee are endless with De’longhi’s Prima Donna Elite Experience.

As coffee connoisseurs know, numerous factors are at play when it comes to creating the perfect cup — from bean freshness to size of grounds, the pouring ratio for milk and sugar, and even how you pour. That said, the type of coffee machine is perhaps the most crucial. Whether you’re looking for a milk frother for all those luxurious lattes, or a large bean capacity for your heavily caffeinated household; a compact coffee maker to join your countertop arsenal of kitchen toys, or one capable of a comprehensive coffee menu for guests — choosing the right coffee hardware for your needs is pivotal to streamlining your mornings, afternoons and even nights. After all, who wouldn’t say no to a perfectly crafted espresso martini after dinner?

Personalised video sessions make it easy to pour a better cup from the comfort of your own home.

Just a quick visit to De’Longhi’s website allows you to book a personalised online demonstration — a 20-minute appointment during which you can request to see a specific model or get a general introduction to the range. As you click into your personalised session, you can also opt to turn on your webcam for face-to-face interaction, connecting to a De’Longhi Live Coffee Expert who can answer all the coffee questions you have. Like having an expert barista at your disposal, he or she will be able to show you all the ways to brew your coffee to your liking, plus offer the best advice to care for your maker in the long run. Ready to purchase your De’Longhi coffee maker? Simply jump on their newly launched e-shop here, where you can find the full range of coffee machines along with accessories such as a descaler, vacuum coffee canister, coffee tamper and more. From now through end of April, customers can enjoy S$20 off a minimum S$200 purchase on the e-shop.

Caffeine addicts often tend to be on the run, so for those who don’t have the time to head to a showroom, or for those who aren’t based near a De’Longhi store, the new enlightening Live Demo feature certainly brings you closer to that perfect cuppa in the morning. Click on the video below for a closer look.


The De’Longhi Live Demo service is based in Singapore but is available for users worldwide. Click here to check out the new De’Longhi Live Demo feature for yourself.


Shop De’longhi range now at the newly launched e-shop for delivery within Singapore. From now through end of April, customers can enjoy S$20 off a minimum S$200 purchase. 

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