LSA Digital Issue 002: The Y2K Issue

LSA Digital Issue 002: The Y2K Issue
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Vol. 2: The Y2K Issue

The year is 2001. Britney Spears dances with an albino Burmese python at the VMAs, Apple introduces its first-ever iPod, and social media doesn't exist. Life is good. From a computer bug that threatened to shut down your DIY blog to the launch of Bratz dolls, the late ’90s to mid-2000s was a gift that kept on giving. Sure, we didn't enjoy the convenience that we do now, but everything — from film and art, to music and fashion —felt less contrived. So nostalgic are people that while most fashion trends take at least two decades to circle back, it's taken Y2K fashion less to make it back to the mainstream. In this issue, we look at the beautiful mess that was this era. After all, it's true what they say: sooner or later, everything old is new again.
LSA Digital Issue 002: The Y2K Issue

Replaying Y2K with Nicole Liew

It's easy to reminisce the hell out of the simpler times that we now so affectionally call Y2K, but you can't deny that the era was the one that really shaped most of us. Take a journey back in time with us as we hit you with a good dose of nostalgia this July, fronted by It-girl Nicole Liew.
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LSA Digital Issue 002: The Y2K Issue
The Naughty Noughties
Romanticising the early '00s is a big post-pandemic mood, and we're all here for it. Sure, some trends were seriously questionable, but they've seen a resurgence today because beyond the butterfly hair clips, baby tees, and hip-grazing jeans, fashion was fun, which is what getting dressed should be all about. Read on for all the best the era still has to offer.

Party the Y2K Way

LSA Digital Issue 002: The Y2K Issue
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A bite of nostalgia

I think everyone used to be quite self conscious so high-waisted pants was the default but it seems that people don’t care now. These pants bring out so much character and it’s nice to see change in fashion.
Nicole Liew

Play Dress-Up

LSA Digital Issue 002: The Y2K Issue
The nylon bag is everywhere now. How did it become a symbol of luxury?
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