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In our demanding age, no one stands in isolation. Every man is expected to play multiple roles — father, brother, boss, and so on — round the clock, juggling those many faces with the obligation to stay constantly connected with the world around him.

BOSS Bottled aims to challenge the stereotype that a modern man’s identity must be steeped in the permanent grind towards success. For that, we look towards Chris Hemsworth, star of the BOSS Bottled Man of Today campaign, channelling the message that balance is always key. Just like how the fragrance strikes a balance between all its accord, the wearer should seek equilibrium in all areas of his life.

The balance is best achieved through the practice of disconnecting from the daily rush in order to better connect later on. This disconnection is dubbed as mindfulness, but there is no one fixed way to practise it.

To find out how a Man of Today recharges and seeks balance, we speak to two local multi-hyphenates — Edwin Hung, an architect and content creator, and Ryan Pang, founder of Habitat Coffee and Bistro, as well as a father of two. They discuss how they keep their lives in check, and how they personally recharge. Above it all, they also dish out a key tip on how to centre yourself before tackling the day ahead: by wearing your BOSS Bottled scent of choice, because the right scent puts you in the right mood for the day.

Here are the tips they have shared on maintaining mindfulness as a Man of Today:

    1. It’s important to find balance in life as the Man of Today – make time for play as much as work.
    2. Take time off from your daily routine to do something that challenges you every once in a while.
    3. Find your own way to recharge from your daily stresses, whether it’s meditating, listening to music, or working out.
    4. Immerse yourself in nature, whether it’s hiking or taking a walk in the park. Being in nature has been proven to reduce stress hormone production.
    5. Pursue your passions outside of work. Take the time to do something you’re really passionate about, whether it’s a charitable activity or a side business.
    6. Travel to a different place every year. It’ll make you appreciate the world and its vastness.
    7. Choose the right fragrance to channel the right mood for the day. When you look good and smell good, you feel good.

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Beatrice Bowers
Features Editor
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