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Introducing the ultimate all-in-one leasing plan: the Mercedes-Benz GO PLUS FLEX

When it comes to car leasing, existing plans are often riddled with limitations that can make finding the perfect one frustrating and inconvenient.

Daimler Fleet Management wants to change the way you experience car leasing with its latest plan, the Mercedes-Benz GO PLUS FLEX, and it’s the brand’s most comprehensive one yet.

As its name suggests, the Mercedes-Benz GO PLUS FLEX is a leasing plan that combines the best of both GO PLUS and GO FLEX plans to provide you with the ultimate all-round coverage for all your driving needs. The benefits are extensive, especially for busy individuals who desire luxury, complete peace of mind, and flexibility every time they get behind the wheel.

Check out seven reasons why there is no better way to drive a Mercedes-Benz than to FLEX it.

1. Low upfront financial commitment

Driving a car in Singapore, especially a Mercedes-Benz, is a luxury. Those who want to indulge in a comfortable drive but aren’t ready to part with their hard-earned money all at once will appreciate that Mercedes-Benz GO PLUS FLEX only requires an affordable upfront payment, so you can free up your budget for other plans in life.

2. Freedom to upgrade

While driving a brand new car can be extremely exciting, there are few things that can dampen your spirits more than realising that in a few years, your car of choice may no longer serve your evolving lifestyle, or that there are newer models with more enticing advanced technology. Mercedes-Benz GO PLUS FLEX brings unprecedented flexibility to you by allowing for early termination of the lease after three years at no cost should you decide to do so.

3. Extensive Car Options

With the extensive model range offered by Mercedes-Benz, you will be spoilt for choice, whether it’s the sexy CLA Coupé, the luxurious E-Class Sedan or the latest electric models like EQA and EQC.

4. Servicing and Maintenance taken care of

Daimler Fleet Management believes in offering you a first class, hassle-free driving experience with Mercedes-Benz. The attractive monthly leasing fee covers comprehensive motor insurance, road tax and service, and maintenance.

You will never have to worry about fluctuating insurance premium and time spent on the renewal of insurance and road tax annually.

When your car is due for servicing and maintenance, a dedicated concierge team will contact you to arrange for the pick-up and delivery of your car. At the same time, a replacement car is provided for the duration that your car is in the workshop. All these mean zero downtime for you and no unforeseen service and maintenance expenses that will throw off your budget.

5. Free of depreciation risk

It’s a known fact that cars depreciate. In fact, the depreciation of a new car in the initial years runs in the tens of thousands. Other factors such as mileage, model popularity, and condition of car all play a role in determining the disposal value of the car when it’s time for you to move on to a new one.

Leasing a car under Mercedes-Benz GO FLEX takes depreciation out of the equation so you can sleep easy knowing that depreciation has no impact on you at the end of your drive.

6. Be rewarded

The seven-year leasing plan prides itself not only for its flexibility, but for also being rewarding to its drivers. Customers are given the option to terminate after three years. Choose to stay, however, and the plan offers a loyalty cash rebate, which returns a portion of the upfront payment over the course of the next four years. The rebate starts from 20 percent after the fourth year and eventually increases to 100 percent at the end of the seven-year contract.

7. Cross borders without worry

When Malaysian borders open up again, this leasing plan will also include usage of the car in our neighbouring country so you can start planning that long road trip that you’ve been dreaming of in the luxury of your Mercedes-Benz.

Peace of mind and freedom of choice are two things that are rarely associated with car leasing, but Mercedes-Benz GO PLUS FLEX is finally adding them to the equation here in an unprecedented package of convenience, luxury, and affordability. Personal mobility has never been a better proposition than now.

Find out more about Mercedes-Benz GO PLUS FLEX here or contact Daimler Fleet Management for a non-obligation consultation at +65 6849 8118.

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