1,110 grams.

That’s the weight of Microsoft’s new Surface Laptop Go — its lightest Surface laptop yet.

But the tech giant’s new addition is not just light, it’s sleek and extremely functional to boot. After all, with most of us moving from working in the office to working from home (or cafe — we won’t snitch) multiple times in any week, having a portable workstation makes it that much more painless.

The Surface Laptop Go’s lightness is only matched by its thinness; the gorgeous gizmo measures just 15.69mm in width and can easily fit into your bag — even a tote bag if that’s how you wish to roll.

Despite its physical size, the laptop is loaded up with impressive specs. The most important bit to know, is that you can expect approximately 13 hours of battery life. It also comes with a 12.4 inch display — which is also touchscreen enabled — and a comfortable full-sized keyboard. Use it to navigate, scroll and browse through your files and websites, or stream TV programs and films if you’re getting it for home entertainment. If you’re fielding a work Zoom call, the front-facing 720-pixel HD camera will beam every facial expression with clarity.

The Microsoft Surface Laptop Go will be available from 24 November. Pre-order now and get a Surface Mobile Mouse worth $54.

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This article was sponsored by Microsoft.


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