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New beauty habits for the new year with Supergoop!

Kick off 2022 with these essentials from Supergoop!, the revolutionary brand that has redefined sunscreen for the ages.

Any beauty enthusiast knows that beauty habits go beyond just washing your face everyday and removing your makeup before you go to sleep. It’s good to start the year off with a new set of habits for yourself, but what’s important is finding the ones that suit you and that you can stick with long-term, and Supergoop! is here to help you achieve that.

Supergoop!’s quirky name comes from its founder herself, Holly Thaggard, who used to refer to her sunscreen samples as ‘goop’ when she was creating her first formula. She would often get her friends and family to try the samples, and she would tell them, “This goop is super.” Thus, Supergoop! was born.

Since its inception in 2007, Supergoop! has always had one goal in mind: to change the sunscreen game. Supergoop! sets out to reshape the way the world thinks about SPF — that it’s not just for sunny beach days, but it’s ideal for everyday and even essential use. And so, Supergoop! bids goodbye to the sticky feel of regular SPF, and brings you formulas made to feel super good on your skin.

Check out our top beauty habits to get into for the new year below:

Have a proper skincare routine

Your skincare routine should be updated regularly as your skin changes with age, so it’s good to reevaluate the products that you include in your daily routine to ensure that you’re meeting your skin’s requirements. Oftentimes, less is more. To keep your skin healthy and beautiful, it’s important that you give it a break once in a while. Doing too much to your skin or even having more than five steps to your routine can cause more damage than good, which is why Supergoop! makes its products versatile and multifaceted — its sunscreen doubles as a moisturiser, and its eye cream also possesses the power to protect against ultraviolet radiation.

Supergoop!’s Superscreen Daily Moisturiser is such an example, being a two-in-one deal: it provides intense hydration to keep your skin moisturised, and also protects it from the sun’s UV rays, blue light and pollution. Perfect for those with dry or dehydrated skin, the Superscreen Daily Moisturiser formula is lightweight yet packs a punch with its super-hydrating power.

Supergoop!’s Bright-Eyed 100% Mineral Eye Cream will make you think twice about overlooking the sun’s ability to wear your eyes out. As a fast-absorbing 100% non-nano zinc oxide eye cream, the Bright-Eyed Mineral Eye Cream is a great daily cream that instantly brightens, hydrates and protects the delicate eye area from the sun’s rays. The creamy formula easily glides on your skin and revives tired eyes with an illuminating pink tint.

The Daily Dose Vitamin C + SPF 40 by Supergoop! is the latest SPF addition to your skincare routine. As a two-in-one daily dose of high potency Vitamin C + SPF 40 serum, Daily Dose not only helps to visibly brighten skin, it also prevents the appearance of dark spots caused by UV and blue light.

Protect your skin against the sun’s harsh rays

We all know UV rays are brutal anti-agers, and so as your skin grows, it becomes increasingly important to be mindful of the harm they do. If you’re not one to apply sunscreen every day as part of your routine, here’s your sign to change it up. Supergoop!’s entire brand philosophy is built upon the importance of sunscreen and how you can sneak sunscreen into your everyday routine, and so every one of its products gives you the protection you need.

While all of Supergoop!’s products are SPF-driven, the Unseen Sunscreen is probably the brand’s best-known and best-loved product. As a protectant, the Unseen Sunscreen is 100% invisible with a soft, velvety finish. Plus, it’s also fragrance-free and has a smooth texture, so you won’t feel any greasy residue at all on your skin!

Keep your skin moisturised

As we grow older, our skin’s moisture levels deplete. That’s why it’s super important to include a moisturiser as part of your skincare routine, if not the most important part of it. It’s recommended that the best times to use a moisturiser are after a shower, a shave or when you exfoliate. For many, this can even be twice a day — and so, never ever skip the moisturiser.

Supergoop!’s Glow Stick SPF 50 is your best friend when you need a moisture boost. It features a blend of powerful yet lightweight oils to promote skin renewal. The Glow Stick also delivers deep hydration without leaving any greasy or oily residue, which is perfect when you need to reapply anytime. Plus, it comes in a cute travel-size that’s super convenient!

Prime your face before you doll it up

Makeup can be seen as the paint to the canvas of your face; and so, like any artwork, it’s important to prepare it before you get working. Primers do exactly this — they create an ideal canvas to hold onto whatever makeup you apply. Most primers today not only make the skin appear smooth and keep your makeup in place, but also brightens and moisturises the skin. For some of the best primers by Supergoop!, we highly recommend the Unseen Sunscreen and the Glowscreen.

As Supergoop!’s super hit product, the Unseen Sunscreen is totally invisible, weightless and scentless, as well as packed with SPF 40 sunscreen that leaves a velvety finish on your skin.

If you’re more of a ‘dewy’ look, the Glowscreen is perfect for you. Injected with the daily SPF protection as with all other Supergoop! products, the Glowscreen is made to give you that bright, fresh-faced look with a healthy glow while also complete with major hydration — ideal for those with dry skin.

The CC Screen by Supergoop! is also one of our top makeup routine picks, and is super nourishing to the skin. This care cream is 100% mineral and is buildable enough to cover imperfections and correct uneven skin, yet it is still lightweight to the skin. Ideal for all skin types, the CC Screen delivers instant luminosity and is the perfect ‘gateway’ product if you want to add a does-it-all SPF step to your routine.

Complete your makeup look with the Supergoop! (Re)setting Powder. If you’re looking for an easy way to reapply sunscreen without messing up your makeup masterpiece, then look no further. With a 100% mineral translucent formula, the (Re)setting Powder is perfect for reapplying SPF and mattifying the skin — whether you’re wearing makeup or not, just make sure you’ve got a great base layer of SPF on to start. Just tap, brush and go!

Green beauty for the win

A good habit to start — if you haven’t yet — is going sustainable. It’s no surprise that our planet is in desperate straits, and so every effort to reduce our carbon footprint and protect our little corner of the universe goes very far. Being an eco-minded beauty consumer is not an easy task, because not all businesses have hopped onto the movement just yet, but that’s where Supergoop! stands out.

Besides creating revolutionary formulas, Supergoop! is also super clean — we’re talking cruelty-free and reef-friendly so you’ll feel good on the inside, too. Plus, Supergoop!’s shipping boxes and packing contents are 100% recyclable. From production to packaging, the brand is environmentally conscious, constantly looking for new ways to ‘greenify’ its goods.

SPF Every. Single. Day.

Applying SPF should be a natural, constant step in your skincare routine by now, especially when we’re living in the weather conditions of our country. Supergoop!’s philosophy is built upon the belief that your day should begin with sunscreen, and we couldn’t agree more. Regardless of skin tone, skin type, age or gender — we all need a bit of SPF to care for our skin. And so, Supergoop! has created a range of clean, effective, multi-tasking and all around feel-good formulas that will definitely make you want to wear sunscreen every day. No longer a chore, but a ritual!

To learn more about Supergoop! and its products, visit its official website or browse its products on Sephora Singapore.

Puteri Yasmin Suraya

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