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Porcelain’s new Bio-DNA Defence Aqua Gel is the anti-stress saviour your skin needs today

Living in the city might be a major convenience in the 21st century, but it also means that your skin is constantly exposed to multiple stressors.

You’d have, at some point, experienced environmental pollution, chemical irritation, and lifestyle choices that are, dare we say, less than desirable. Yes ,we’re looking at all those boozy late nights out you had in your teens.

When your skin is constantly put through its paces, it’s only a matter of time before its protective functions start to deteriorate. After all, there’s only so much it can do to shield us from the damaging effects that we’ve constantly subjected it to. This not only speeds up the ageing process, but also encourages inflammation and irritation to the skin. Have we mentioned that the added stress of trying to turn sensitised, red, or breakout-prone skin around doesn’t help?

To prove that a great skincare routine with anti-stress protection doesn’t have to be complicated and stressful, Porcelain has launched the new Bio-DNA Defence Aqua Gel.

The three-in-one moisturiser combats chemical stress (from detergents, cleaning agents, and even aerosol sprays), environmental stress (from atmospheric pollution and sun damage), and lifestyle stress (from smoking, and unbalanced diet, and lack of sleep).

With all these benefits, you’d expect a cloyingly rich cream, but the Bio-DNA Defence Aqua Gel is instead delightfully lightweight, which is perfect for the incessant heat and humidity here. It also sinks into the skin beautifully, leaving a slight glow on the skin.

But it is what’s inside it that matters most, and here the skincare and spa specialist has tapped into its expertise of bio-actives to formulate a product that works on a cellular level.

Mongolian Snake Gourd — revered in the TCM world for its ability to increase the skin’s cellular energy levels and re-adjust the skin’s natural circadian rhythm — has been added to strengthen and rejuvenate the skin from deep within.

Then there’s chestnut seed, which has been proven to preserve the structural integrity of the skin while repairing any damage caused by external stress. Red sage extract — an ingredient common in traditional Chinese medicine — also has anti-inflammatory functions that soothes redness, restores the skin’s natural barrier functions, and prevents it from reacting to stressors in the long run.

To bolster their effects is the plant-based allantoin, which promotes cell growth, soothes the skin, and promotes wound healing for more resilient skin. With its rich oleic, linoleic, and palmitic acid content, the olive fruit oil is immensely nourishing for stressed skin, and can further protect it against sun damage with its anti-UVB properties.

Avocado oil and its high levels of fatty acids, minerals, and Vitamin E are also put to good use here; the potent antioxidant not only breathes life back to dull and dry skin, but also minimises irritation and inflammation from pimples, while promoting collagen production for a faster recovery.

If you have sensitive skin or are acne-prone, you’ll be pleased to know that Porcelain’s Bio-DNA Defence Aqua Gel is non-comedogenic, and is free from artificial fragrances, drying alcohols, sulphates, parabens, silicones, pthalates, and mineral and animal-derived oils. The fuss-free product is safe for all skin types to use and requires only a pearl-sized amount to be massaged gently on clean skin for best results.

Now that you have one less thing to stress about, you and your distressed skin can finally breathe easy, and that’s a winning recipe for healthy and glowing skin.

Porcelain’s Bio-DNA Defence Aqua Gel is available at all Porcelain spas, Porcelain’s e-store and selected e-marketplaces at S$120.

(All images: Porcelain)

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