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Review: The LG TONE Free FP9 True Wireless Earbuds bring audio perfection to work and play

The market has come a long way since earbuds first started taking the world by storm. As people’s fascination with the wireless accessory grew, so did its technological advancement, and many now offer the benefits such as phenomenal sound quality and noise cancellation features. 

However, those are no longer the only criteria when people choose quality wireless earbuds; some require features such as in-flight compatibility while others value long battery life for those Zoom work calls that seem to drag on endlessly. 

For those who need all these capabilities and more, there’s the LG TONE Free FP9, a remarkably lightweight and one of the most intuitive true wireless earbuds out there that promise to make your audio journey a smooth one from start to finish.

Now the brand’s top-of-the-range model, the earbuds are naturally packed with all the audio features you’ll need. For one, LG’s partnership with sound guru Meridian Audio means that you can already expect the sound quality to be top notch. HSP (also known as Headphone Spatial Processing), is a leading Meridian technology brings the experience of listening to real loudspeakers — i.e. that clear and spatial sound — to these earbuds, creating a sensorial experience that makes listening to music or watching movies a blast. 

Here are some of the features I loved about the LG TONE Free FP9, and how they’ve transformed these wireless earbuds into one of the best in the market today:

UVnano charging case

Housed within a sleek, pebble-like case in chic colours such as Pearl White, Haze Gold, and Charcoal Black, the handy device opens to dramatically reveal the earbuds and blue light. 

The blue light might be for aesthetics purposes only, but the case isn’t just a pretty face. It also boasts hygiene-boosting UVnano, and is the industry’s first auto-cleaning UVnano charging case that helps to keep the ear tips — also medical-grade and hypoallergenic — clean by reducing 99.9 percent of bacteria on the earbuds’ speaker mesh in just five minutes. These thoughtful touches help prevent ear infections and skin irritations that might potentially occur, especially since earbuds are known hotbeds for bacteria, especially when you sweat while using them.

‘Plug & Wireless’ support 

Another highlight — and a rare feature of earbuds — is its ‘Plug & Wireless’ support. With a USB-C to AUX cable inside the box, users are able to plug the case into devices with no Bluetooth support, like treadmills, gaming consoles, and most importantly, airplane seats, to establish a wireless connection. 

This turns the case into a transmitter for the earbuds, and enables you to enjoy music or even a movie on an airplane without the hassle of tripping over wires or making do with poor quality audio. To activate it, simply plug the case in via the cable to a 3.5mm AUX Line-Out connector, and flip the switch on the side of the case. The intuitive device takes the same EQ Sound Profile that was last set on your smartphone app, so be sure to select your preferred EQ before switching this connection on. When I tried this feature on a Nintendo Switch, the connection was stable, so I didn’t have to worry about audio cutting in and out during my game.

Whispering Mode

In a crowded venue but don’t want to shout into your earbuds? LG has — quite literally — heard your concerns, and so has created the Whispering Mode, a feature that lets you whisper — even in a noisy environment — so that your conversation remains private. Simply use the right earbud as a microphone, and hold it close to your mouth when talking (or whispering) to be heard loud and clear by the other person on the line.

Improved call quality

The audio input quality with the three-microphone setup here is fantastic. Here, the  LG TONE Free FP9 is effective in reducing ambient noise while picking up your own voice, even going the extra mile to filter out the sound of a nearby fan when I tested it with a call. The earbuds are sleek and fits snugly within the ear (with extra ear gels if the default doesn’t fit right), and this helps with ensuring that you get the best sound quality possible at all times.

The touchpad on the earbud also makes switching between sound modes — from Ambient Mode to Chat Mode — as well as activating noise cancellation a breeze. 

Impressive battery life

Every full charge of the LG TONE Free FP9 gives you 24 hours of play time, with 10 hours coming from the earbuds and an additional 14 hours from the charging case.  Forgot to plug them in last night? A quick charge of only five minutes gave me an hour of listening time — perfect for whenever I’m in a rush.

Powerful and crisp spatial sound

Those who relish the cinematic rush where real loudspeakers bring hi-fi sounds and pristine vocal clarity to the forefront will appreciate that the LG TONE Free FP9 was made to simulate this very experience. 

Because it was created in collaboration with Meridian Audio, the true wireless earbuds provide Immersive, or Natural EQ presets from the audio brand, each programmed to bring out the best in whatever you’re doing, whether you’re attending a virtual meeting, watching the latest K-drama, or listening to your favourite rock band.

For an even better high-fidelity experience, the improved driver in the earbuds also constantly detects and neutralises external ambient noises by generating an equal amount of anti-noise. If you’re an audiophile with very particular preferences, don’t fret; also select from Bass Boost, Treble Boost or 3D Soundstage EQ presets and even customise your own EQ settings via the LG TONE Free app.  

“Find My Earbuds” feature

Like keys and credit cards, wireless earbuds are notorious for their ability to seemingly disappear into thin air when you need them most. The useful “Find My Earbuds” feature on the LG TONE Free app has already helped me locate my pair at least twice since owning it, so I’ll never have to call for a search team the next time I lose sight of them.

Where can you buy the LG TONE Free F9 wireless earbuds?

They’re available at LG official brand stores through KrisShop, Lazada and Shopee, as well as authorised retailers like Audio House, Best Denki, Challenger, ConnectIT, COURTS, Gain City, Goh Joo Hin, Harvey Norman, iStudio, Mega Discount Store, Parisilk, Stereo Electronics, and X Gear. 

You’ll also enjoy up to S$60 off when you purchase the LG TONE Free series. The FP9, for example, now retails at S$248 (RRP S$298), while the FP5 retails at S$138 (RRP S$198) and the FP8 at S$198 (RRP S$258).

Find out more the LG TONE Free FP9 true wireless earbuds here.

(All images: LG Electronics Singapore)

Review: The LG TONE Free FP9 True Wireless Earbuds bring audio perfection to work and play

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