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Samsung elevates your abode with its first premium home collection, the Bespoke Infinite Line

Epitomising smart sophistication and cutting-edge innovation in homes is Samsung’s brand-new Bespoke Infinite Line. With its stylish minimalism and groundbreaking features, the collection will set you on the path to your dream kitchen and realise your potential to become a consummate chef and host.

For many Singaporeans, the dining and kitchen space is considered as much as the beating heart of the home as does the living room. Increasingly, we have seen no effort and expense spared in creating a tasteful kitchen that delivers on performance and refinement. Beyond aesthetics, a high-end appliance range offers not just exceptional durability and quality, but also the liberty to customise a space tailored to one’s individual lifestyle and needs.

And this is why Samsung’s very first premium home appliance collection, the Bespoke Infinite Line, will thrill the modern home-owner with a wine cellar, fridge and freezer system that form the hallmark of a truly distinguished home. A high-end extension of Samsung’s successful Bespoke offerings that range from custom panels for fridges to a unique selection of high-end home appliances, these three appliances promise to elevate the luxury quotient of your dining and kitchen space.

Samsung’s Bespoke Infinite Line range of products

The Perfect Fit

A stunning feature is the ultra-refined vertical fluted panelling design, which is a seamless surface with a shiny, high-gloss metallic finish that blends harmoniously into any contemporary luxury kitchen. Accentuated by eye-catching gold copper edge frames, this lustrous material is not just beautiful, but ensures maximum durability and longevity through its scratch- and dent-resistant aluminium composition.

Conceived to achieve a built-in look, the Bespoke Infinite Line products can be flushed into your cabinetry to achieve visual seamlessness. With minimal gaps in between, the result is a kitchen that offers a visual continuity that is both elegant and uncluttered. Ergonomic, elegant and functional, the doors can open wider, up to 115° – such that accessibility to the interior is unencumbered while giving you peace of mind that there will not be unnecessary contact between the doors and other kitchen surfaces.

Furthermore, with the collection’s versatile modular system, there is complete flexibility and ease in boosting your storage capacity with more units of the wine cellar, fridge or freezer – should the need arise. Reconfiguring your kitchen in tandem with your evolving lifestyle down the road is made easy and fuss-free.

Timeless Greige design

For Modern Lifestyles

With the Bespoke Infinite Line, bustling cooks can be assured that their experience in the kitchen is one of unparalleled enjoyment and utmost performance. The luxe Black Metal interior comes with Black Metal Cooling, which together retains cool air efficiently and constantly, ensuring exceptional freshness and produce quality. No matter how many times you open the doors during a busy dinner party or a major cook-out, temperature fluctuations will be minimal – with the integrity of your stored items, especially the more fragile ones, remaining unaffected. Against the stylish black backdrop, tunnel lighting doesn’t just illuminate the interior for improved visibility, but also creates an inviting effect that is sure to impress your guests too.

Another excellent and necessary feature to be thankful for is the Auto Open Door, which is activated via touch sensor. When things get intense in the kitchen, hands-free accessibility goes a long way in saving time and eliminating multiple contact with greasy hands so that your focus is squarely on perfecting your dishes.

Vino Culture

If wine appreciation is fast becoming your passion, the Bespoke Infinite Line Wine Cellar should certainly take pride of place as a permanent showcase in your home.

Conveying a sense of quiet luxury, the chiller features a Triple Temperature Zone whose settings are individually controlled, such that your reds, whites and champagnes are stored optimally. The science only gets better with the low-vibration environment of 1.7mg and a sound level of 35dB, maintaining prime cellarage conditions that reduce the likelihood of chemical reactions and bottle shock. The Wine Cellar’s quality humidity control keeps the moisture level within the optimum range, preventing oxidation from ruining colours and flavours, corks from cracking, mould and mildew from growing.

In our tropical climate, the high-performance Triple Glass Door is a highly sought-after feature in blocking and reflecting UV rays, stopping wine spoilage in its tracks and allowing for easy viewing from the outside. While metal wine racks are common in many chillers, Samsung’s Bespoke Infinite Line Wine Cellar shines as it boasts high-quality, durable and sturdy natural oak wood racks that are crafted to dampen quality-diminishing vibrations.

Despite its slim frame, the Wine Cellar dedicates five storage zones with a large capacity for up to 101 standard bottles, including a dedicated presentation zone to showcase your most prized collection, such as your premier crus or magnums.

Sparking Inspirations

Every budding wine connoisseur undoubtedly has a wider interest in all things gourmet. Entering a kitchen built with flair and finesse becomes a tempting opportunity for the home chef to create, experiment and innovate. With quality appliances, such as Samsung’s Bespoke Infinite 1-Door Fridge and 1-Door Freezer, cooking up a storm is instinctive while hosting becomes effortless.

In addition to desirable attributes including optimised storage featuring a sliding shelf, large-capacity drawers, an independently controlled Flex pantry with two modes and a self-cleaning UV Deodorising Filter, the fridge also has an Autofill Water Pitcher. This BPA-free, 1.4-litre pitcher refills itself automatically, allowing greater convenience throughout the day or during your wine-pairing sessions. There is even a built-in infuser that allows for the easy creation of deliciously flavoured beverages for any occasion.

Especially useful for parties, the freezer’s Dual Auto Ice Maker churns out regular cubed ice and the slow-melting whisky ball ice in two separate compartments. With the freezer’s Precise Cooling Technology, which maintains a fluctuation range of ±0.5°C that is far superior to the standard refrigerator’s ±1.5°C, home-owners have total peace of mind when it comes to keeping food fresh and flavourful. Indeed, when your priority is on stocking your home with the highest-quality food, investing in the best storage options is a natural decision.

A Life Enhanced

One can trust a tech giant like Samsung to continually enhance the quality of your home experience – its SmartThings App makes food and wine management so easy and painless, while also allowing you to manage and monitor the appliances’ energy consumption for a more energy-efficient home. Through this smartphone feature, keeping track of groceries and expiry dates as well as temperature settings control are a cinch with SmartThings Cooking, while SmartThings Home Care enables real-time monitoring and alerts on appliance status or problems.

What is most impressive is that Samsung has gone above and beyond to cater to the home-proud gourmand through not just the physical integration of food and wine refrigeration in the Bespoke Infinite Line, but also digitally. The challenge of keeping track of one’s ever-evolving wine collection and bottle quantity is solved – with the SmartThings Smart Wine Storage function on the app. Home-owners need to simply take a photo of each bottle and key in the relevant information to manage their inventory efficiently. With wine-food pairing recommendations given by the app, the home gourmet experience will be enhanced and more pleasurable than ever before.

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Samsung elevates your abode with its first premium home collection, the Bespoke Infinite Line

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