Whisky is a drink that engages all senses. We’re most familiar with how it kicks our tastebuds and olfactory senses into high gear with every sip, but we often neglect just how important sight plays a part the appreciation of the dram in our hand. Beyond the design of the bottle, the colour of the whisky is a telling statement to its quality and how it is crafted.

The Macallan brings the importance of colour, specifically its dedication to natural colours only, to the forefront with its Edition No. 5, the next iteration in its collaborative Edition series. Every single whisky that exits The Macallan distillery is an unadulterated expression of the time the liquid spent in its cask, acquiring its hue through the ageing process and contact with wood. To celebrate its staunch belief in natural colour, The Macallan enlisted the help of the Pantone Institute for the Edition No.5.

The Macallan Edition No. 5 singapore
The Macallan Edition No. 5. (Photo credit: The Macallan)

Drawing parallels between the creation of whisky and colour, the Pantone Institute created a purple especially for the whisky brand — the vibrant, eye-catching tone that dresses every label of The Macallan Edition No. 5. To marry the dynamism of the colour to the single malt, The Macallan Whisky Master chose to mature the whisky in only American oak casks, imbuing the final nectar with a rich amber hue, and an equally energetic taste profile rife with vanilla, spice and pandan.

The Macallan
One of the colour-themed rooms in the launch. (Photo credit: The Macallan)

At the launch of The Macallan Edition No. 5 in Singapore, the concept of colour and whisky-making was brought to life as the brand created five different tonal rooms in an exhibition space, each room taking guests through a sensorial journey of the Edition series’ past, and of course, the process of creating the Edition No. 5.

The Macallan
The Macallan engaged local artists like Humid House to create artpieces inspired by the new purple created by Pantone for the distillery. (Photo credit: The Macallan)

Follow us through a journey of the launch in the video below, and see what guests have to say.


The Macallan No. 5 is available at The Macallan Singapore Online Boutique, The Macallan Boutique @ 1855 and leading premium spirits retailers for S$204.

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