It’s time for gourmands in Asia to rejoice. After all, it’s not every day one gets the chance to embark on a culinary journey with some of the brightest jewels in the epicurean universe. We’re talking about the second edition of The Ritz-Carlton’s hugely successful ‘Stellar Dining Series’ — a sequence of exceptional gastronomic experiences threading together the talents of the brand’s lauded Michelin-starred chefs.

The Stellar Dining Series highlights The Ritz-Carlton's roster of Michelin-starred chefs.
The Stellar Dining Series highlights The Ritz-Carlton's roster of Michelin-starred chefs.

This year will highlight seven such culinary stars, in addition to talented mixologists and pâtissiers. Encompassing a range of exclusive dinners, workshops and guest chef events — the series will take place across three of The Ritz-Carlton properties in the Asia Pacific: Tokyo (11–15 September), Kyoto (18–19 September), and Guangzhou (9–13 October).    

A rare alignment of Michelin stars, the Stellar Dining Series offers a chance for gourmands to get up close and personal with some of the top culinary talent in the region, getting a rare chance to learn techniques and sample the signature preparations of The Ritz-Carlton’s award-winning chefs. The series includes masterclasses, four-hands dinners, exclusive workshops and live demos.

“Our guests are looking for more than amazing food, they want an experience that is extraordinary and transformative. The Stellar Dining Series is a celestial journey that celebrates The Ritz-Carlton’s culinary craftsmanship and innovation and we have continued to evolve this series, designing it to create memories that will remain with our discerning guests forever,” said Bruce Ryde, Vice President, Luxury Brands and Brand Management Asia Pacific, Marriott International.

Participants this year can dive into Japanese-French cuisine, time-honoured Cantonese recipes, the art of tempura frying, craft cocktails inspired by the stars and pâtisserie techniques — and that’s just scratching the surface. Check out a selection of the exciting epicurean events below, and start planning your travels now. 


The Ritz-Carlton, Tokyo: 11–15 September   


6 Hands Dinner at Azure 45

When: 13–15 September

Three Michelin-starred chefs — Erlantz Gorostiza, Christophe Gibert and Shintaro Miyazaki — join forces to present a degustation menu that unfolds over eight dazzling courses. The menu will be elevated by unique wine pairings by chief sommelier Tamaru. Be sure not to miss Gorostiza’s solo session (15th September), where the two Michelin-starred chef will be preparing Basque cuisine. 


Autumnal Tempura Dinner at Hinokizaka

When: 11–12 September

Discover the art of tempura as it relates to temperature, texture and technique with chef Kenji Fujimoto of The Ritz-Carlton Tokyo’s signature Japanese restaurant Hinokizaka. Savour the sight, smell, taste and sound of signature creations from the award-winning restaurant: from Kyotanba Hiraigyu beef wrapped in shiso to egg yolk tempura.


Cheese Workshop

When: 11 September

Expert fromager Jeremy Evrard introduces participants to eight unique French cheeses sourced from the lush French countryside. In-between sampling the tasty morsels, participants will learn about the history and time-honoured techniques behind the delicious cheeses. 


Bollinger Champagne Brunch at Towers

When: 14–15 September

What better way to celebrate the unveiling of the latest Bollinger Grande Annee 2008 than with a Champagne-themed brunch? Chef William Khala crafts a three-course brunch menu designed to highlight the regal notes of the vintage. No less than 15 indulgent desserts from Executive Pastry Chef Richard Long cap off the blissful brunch. 


The Ritz-Carlton, Kyoto: 18–19 September


4 Hands Dinner at La Locanda

When: 18–19 September

Conceptualised by Michelin-starred chef Erlantz Gorostiza in partnership with chef Katsuhito Inoue, this exclusive dinner features the finest local ingredients — including Kamo eggplant and Manganji peppers — crafted with Basque and Italian influences and paired with hand-selected wines for a memorable evening.


Cocktail Masterclass at The Bar

When: 18–19 September

Master mixologists Oscar Mena and Asano Yosuke unveil the secrets to crafting a world-class cocktail at this exclusive behind-the-bar masterclass. Learn to perfect the techniques as you shake up your very own signature cocktail.


Feuilles Pastry Masterclass at Banquet Room

When: 18–19 September

Get your camera and notepad ready as pâtissier Régis Demanet reveals his pastry-making techniques and recreates the iconic 2000 Feuilles for the first time at The Ritz-Carlton, Kyoto, in a live demonstration.


Autumnal Tempura Dinner at Mizuki 

When: 18–19 September

The tempura creations of chef Kenji Fujimoto are all about celebrating the transition from Japan’s bright summer to its golden autumn. Guests will get a chance to sink their teeth into two types of Wagyu beef tempura, Kyoto and Kobe, complemented by fragrant matsutake mushrooms, truffles and of course, plenty of fine wines. 


The Ritz-Carlton, Guangzhou: 9–13 October


6 Hands Lunch at Lai Heen

When: 9–12 October

Michelin-starred Chefs Gordon Guo, Paul Lau, and Jackie Ho collaborate on a menu celebrating classic Cantonese cuisine, presented in the celestial setting The Ritz-Carlton Guangzhou’s Lai Heen restaurant. Savour the artistic craftsmanship in the signature dishes and round out the spread with a selection of masterfully crafted dim sum. 


Handcrafted Japanese Cocktails at The Churchill Bar

When: 9–12 October

Witness the remarkable mixology talent of 2018 Chivas Masters winner Kentaro Wada as he prepares his signature recipes for you. Relish the intriguing flavour combinations alongside specially crafted appetisers.


Curated Afternoon Tea Buffet at Pearl Lounge

When: 9–13 October

The afternoon tea hour brings a chance for guests to savour the sweet creations of Executive Pastry Chefs Jean-Luc Vasseur and Calvin Sia; in collaboration with chef Hubert Ly, they’ll present a handful of sumptuous delicacies with live demos. Sate your sweet tooth while sipping on handcrafted cocktails by master mixologist Kentaro Wada.

For the full list of events featured in The Stellar Dining Series by The Ritz-Carlton, visit the website here.