For more than three decades, German jewellery brand Thomas Sabo has established itself as the global purveyor of rock-edged jewellery. But what not many would know is that chairman and founder Thomas Sabo embarked on his passion project after discovering his fascination for silver jewellery during his frequent travels to Asia.

Now that Sabo’s humble beginnings have turned into a mammoth-scaled business employing 1,800 heads with 300 points-of-sales in 75 different countries, the label looks back and pays homage to its Eastern roots in its latest collection, the Dragon Nights.

thomas sabo dragon nights collection
The Dragon pendant is made for him and her.

“The Dragon Nights interprets symbols from Far Eastern mythology and combines them with the spirit of freedom of the ‘70s,” Thomas Sabo explained on the inspiration behind his motif-festooned selections. “The result? Expressive jewellery items that are as decorative as they are symbolic, and also stand out, because of their extra large size. The ear studs worn on one side and the long statement earrings of the collection are also real ‘It’ pieces.”

The lineup features more than 70 statement accessories for both men and women, with items such as stackable thick rings encrusted with rhinestone-like studs, mid-torso-long necklaces hung with massive pendants, and tusk-shaped ear studs with rock-studded tiger heads. All these are made in sterling silver that’s partly polished in 18k rose gold plating. Each piece is elaborately handcrafted, undergoing through the process of intricate enamel inlaying, bezel, or pavé settings.

thomas sabo dragon nights collection
The Great Blessing amulets on long necklaces and a choker.

Other other outstanding pieces to look out for are the Dragon pendant and Great Blessing amulet. Said Sabo: “The special feature is the elaborate three-dimensional look of the coiled, richly decorated Dragon pendant. It’s like a jade sculpture, where you can discover new decorative elements from every perspective. The elaborate workmanship is also reflected in the Great Blessing amulet, which awaits with an extraordinary wealth of intertwined ornaments.”

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