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Zegna’s wardrobe of perfect cashmere separates this spring is inspired by OasiZegna

In a world where fast fashion is the norm, it’s easy to overlook craftsmanship and quality in exchange for fleeting trends. Zegna, however, wants to change the way we look at clothes, nature, and everything in between with Oasi Zegna and its latest cashmere collection. 

But to truly understand the significance of this meaningful collection requires a little backstory on Oasi Zegna. The 100-square-kilometre, free-access natural territory that’s nestled deep in Northen Italy’s Biellese Alps is an environmental restoration project by founder Ermenegildo Zegna, in an effort to preserve biodiversity and community. To date, over 500,000 conifer trees have been plated across the mountains that surround his wool mill in Trivero, bringing life and the magic of nature back to the historical landmark.

Supporting Zegna’s quest of continuous innovation and excellence, Oasi Cashmere is a timely reminder that only the best natural resources can produce the best clothing, and that in turn means that extra effort has to be made in the pursuit of this perfection. 

As part of the brand’s Our Road to Traceability initiative, the cashmere fibre used in the entire collection will be fully certified and traceable by 2024. Not usually an easy feat, but Zegna’s expertise as masters of fabric has given the brand access to not only the finest raw materials in the world, but also the ability to create ethical pieces of clothing that will not only bring warmth to its user, but also protect the very animals, environment, and people who have contributed to the creation of these timeless wardrobe investments. 

As such, all products will have what the brand calls a ‘truthful ID’, which highlight how deep values like the above are set as identity traits. A QR code will also be enclosed in each piece that allows customers to trace for themselves the entire journey of the Oasi Cashmere collection, from the cashmere farm and Oasi Zegna, to the retail store where it is sold. 

If you’re preparing for warmer weather, Zegna’s Spring/Summer 2023 collection is an equally tempting proposition. With versatility and luxurious sophistication at its heart, the pieces are best described as ‘a wardrobe of perfect separates’, whether you spend the most time lounging on the couch, zipping across continents, or nailing business meetings. The virtues exalted by OasiZegna are best translated via the rich and sophisticated mineral and beige colour palette this season, allowing these pieces to stand out regardless of whether they’re worn alone, or styled monochromatically. 

Of course, what better way to walk the talk than with the iconic Triple Stitch Sneaker. Equal parts versatile and stylish, they have become a wardrobe staple for those who want their shoes to go the extra mile for them. This season, expect the icons to be reimagined in new colours and materials, ranging from rich grained leather and plush suede for a more relaxed take on business wear, or canvas for those relaxing weekends. Whichever you choose, expect the brand’s signature triple crossing-elastic detail, which not only makes for easy slip-on wearing, but also recalls the three hand-stitches that are traditionally featured on tailored jackets as a symbol of ZEGNA’s heritage and craftsmanship.

Shop Zegna’s Spring/Summer 2023 and Oasi Cashmere collection here.

Zegna’s wardrobe of perfect cashmere separates this spring is inspired by OasiZegna

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