With roots that go way back to the 1940s, shearling, or sheepskin, was originally associated with the pilot jackets (also known as flight or bomber jackets) worn by the military. Such jackets were typically lined with sheepskin to keep their wearers snug and warm — a necessity, especially in the biting cold.

A decade later, the humble pelt became inducted into the upper echelons of mainstream fashion, thanks to James Dean’s iconic shearling ranch coat in the seminal ’50s Western film Giant. (His dreamy eyes, effortless swagger and striking jacket made for quite an attractive combination, we must say.) Since then, shearling has become a winter wardrobe staple, and has even been spotted on the runways of fashion houses such as Coach, BLK DNM and Alexander Wang.

For our dapper gentlemen friends (especially for those who are setting off for winter vacations this December), here are 10 shearling jackets that will keep you warm and oh-so-stylish.