For some reason, our instincts towards buying for that male friend (or lover) always lead us to a sporting section, or (shock horror) novelty boxer shorts. Year after year we practice the tradition of gift giving but for some of us, let’s just say it helps to be shown some sort of inspiration.

This year, we’ve got it all sorted out. We enlisted the help of Ermenegildo Zegna — undeniable experts for all things luxurious for men.  The Italian purveyors for fine bespoke suits and accessories have pointed us in the right direction so we can get you started on that gift hunt.

Scroll ahead for ten gifts men really want.

(You’re welcome.)

All items are available at Ermenegildo Zegna at Paragon and


Essenze Amber Gold

This scent is a richer and darker interpretation of the timeless Bulgarian Rose scent. With mid notes of lavender Seillan essence, the dry down is balanced with precious Ambranum and Benzion Siam, woven with sandalwood, patchouli and vetiver for texture.

Essenze Amber Gold, S$369.


Triple stitch slip-on sneakers

These Black Couture sneakers in crushed velvet are made for those who are looking for something a little different from the norm. Instead of your regular laces, these steppers have got criss-cross elastics instead – making it easy to slip on and off.

Triple stitch velvet slip-on sneakers, S$1,200.


Double-face bow tie

Men wearing well-knotted bow ties against crisp white shirts always exude a certain charm. Made of 100 percent silk, this solid black double-face bow tie will be a staple in the wardrobe.

Double-face bow tie in silk, S$230.


Velvet and calfskin pouch

Crafted in velvet and smooth calfskin, this classic pouch is made in Italy and comes with a detachable strap and hook, perfect for guys who carry a little more around.

Dimensions: 31cm x 24cm

Velvet and calfskin fashion show pouch, S$1,955. 


Pelle Tessuta vertical billfold

This textured leather billfold fits nicely into trouser pockets. Its exterior is crafted of Pelle Tessuta (fabric obtained by using extremely thin strips of nappa leather), while smooth calfskin is used for the interior.

Dimensions: 9cm x 12.5cm

Pelle Tessuta vertical billfold, S$890.


Mirco-designed tie

It may appear to be just another silk burgundy tie, but upon closer inspection, you’ll come to realise that it is dotted with micro floral motifs, perfect for the ones who are obsessed with detail.

Burgundy micro-designed tie in silk, S$330. 


Cashmere beanie

If he’s one who loves heading to colder regions of the world, look no further. Made purely in cashmere with tone-on-tone side leather bands, this beanie is available in both black and burgundy.

Cashmere beanie, S$810.


Cashmere scarf

This luxurious black scarf is detailed with contrasting white polka dots for a fun touch. Measuring 35cm x 170cm, this will be indispensable when heading out into cool autumn nights.

Cashmere scarf in polka dots, S$1,220. 


Leather bracelet

One of the very few accessories that men will allow themselves to wear is the braided leather bracelet. This particular one is finished with gold-plated sterling silver for a polished, edgy look.

Leather bracelet, S$930. 


Linear pattern cufflinks

They may be a tiny part of a whole outfit, but they play a great role in pulling a whole ensemble together with much-needed refinement. These cufflinks are made of pure silver, featuring a rotating system and a classic, linear pattern.

Linear pattern silver cufflinks, S$840.