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Alessandro Michele is a culture aggregator. We mean this in the best possible way. Within his full three years of leading Gucci into a worldwide global success — both aesthetically and lucratively — never once did the eccentric creative director name just one narrow pool of reference for his collections. His myriad references are flung far and wide, from historical to pop culture.

Same goes for the Spring 2018 season. Aside from the usual roping in of unknown independent artists, Michele’s whirlpool of inspiration ranges from Sir Elton John to the font of SEGA of Japanese video game fame, from the Chatsworth estate to Disney’s Snow White. He has us gleefully jumping from one decade to the next, asking for more, more and more.

And it’s definitely not just us. So before fellow Michele converts snap up the season’s best and freshest drops, we suggest you scroll down for our list of Spring 2018’s most wanted pieces. Then navigate your way to a Gucci, stat.

Gucci Spring 2018 collection is available in boutiques now.