As we steadily approach closer to the holiday season, a white Christmas is what some of us will steal away for. Dolling up the fir tree, enjoying a sumptuous turkey, sipping down hot chocolate or even a glass of whisky to keep our bodies warm, unwrapping a Christmas gift, all whilst wrapping ourselves in a thick coat. Just the thought of it make us turn green with envy.

It might sound fun, however we always find ourselves facing one major crisis in the departmental stores during the season — the actual gift giving. For those who are stuck with gifting dilemma, fret not. We have 10 eclectic, yet chic, gifts for you to contemplate on for both your male, and female fashion-forward friends. Just make sure your pockets are deep because some of these presents are relatively steep.


For those with girlfriends who are into anything that has a cute packaging, you might want to try out this soft pink cross body bag with a geometric face.

Baby pink embellished leather bag, US$1,104 (S$1,562)


They say that size matters, and if it’s bigger, it’s definitely better. This Givenchy key shaped bracelet reaffirms the statement.

Silver oversized key bracelet, £570 (S$1,006)


For your friend who is brave and bold, you might want to gift them a loud, OTT (over the top) printed t-shirt dress.

Printed oversized t-shirt dress, US$753 (S$1,065)

Paul Smith

Friends of dapper yet eclectic guys, this lapel pin would definitely add a little touch of personality to their blazers.

Cactus enamel lapel pin, £33 (S$59)

Saint Laurent

For friends with skater girls, they will definitely be fascinated with this pair of leather roller skates.

Metallic star appliqué leather roller skates, US$1,500 (S$2,123)


T-shirts are always a safer bet for the guys, so this Lanvin psychedelic spider printed t-shirt would be a good option for your male friends who are not into overly crazy items.

Spider printed cotton t-shirt, £158 (S$279)


If your girlfriends are good at fixtures and construction, why not choose this hardware bracelet?

Gold and silver hardware bracelet, US$355 (S$502)


Superstitious folk would definitely dig this dragon printed pullover as it represents strength and power (without losing out to style).

Dragon embroidered navy pullover, £646 (S$1,141)

Sarah & Sebastian

If your artistic friend happens to be a huge fan of dangling earrings, this Sarah & Sebastian long face earring will definitely get her spirits up.

14-karat gold long face earring, US$433 (S$612)

Deakin & Francis

Add a little touch of engineering to your best buddy’s formal shirt with a cute car motif cufflinks. Works best if they’re motoring nuts.

Sterling silver green car cufflinks, £220 (S$390)