With the recent popularity of a certain dinosaur pouch thanks to its appearance at the White House recently, we couldn’t help but want to get something dino-related ourselves. A little dino-inspired fashion adds a bit of fun to an outfit, not to mention a little stone age cool, if you like that rough and tough look.

For a little inspiration, we’ve rounded up a few designers who foresaw Ms Ho’s fashionable choice alongside the Prime Minister. From embroidered patches to dinosaur spikes, you might just keep the trend going with these choice pieces.

Don’t forget, Ms. Ho’s dinosaur pouch was purchased from The Pathlight School which supports children with special needs. If you wish to go the charitable route, be sure to check out more items from their artists here.


Leather studded sandal by Gucci

Add a little punk to your kicks with this spiky rebellious dinosaur sandal.

Price: S$2,020


Rexy skinny tote in glove tanned leather by Coach

A minimalistic t-rex will add plus points to an already chic outfit.

Price: S$800


Dino felt slip-on platform trainers by Joshua Sanders

With a sad T-rex on your left and a speech bubble that says, “Where are ALL MY buddies?” on the right, this furry pair of trainers will definitely make you go “aww!”

Price: S$430


‘Running man’ diamond earrings by Khai Khai

How cute is this pair of predator and prey earrings?

Price: S$1,500


Fossilised dinosaur bone pendant necklace by Monique Péan

Wear a rare piece of dinosaur bone around your neck (though naturally it comes at a price). Crafted into a pendant, framed by 18k rose gold and paved with sparkling white diamonds.

Price: S$10,000


Leather spike-shaped green sandals by Moschino

One, two buckle your stegosaurus shoe. Rawr.

Price: S$600


Dinosaur bones ribcage cuff bracelet in rhodium by Noir Jewelry

Cuff your wrist with this stylish and chic dinosaur ribcage bracelet.

Price: S$600


Long sleeve cotton shirt with dinosaurs by Paul Smith

Get a little something for your man with cute little dinosaurs climbing up his shirt.

Price: S$570


Leather rexy varsity jacket by Coach

This playful upgrade of a varsity jacket features an endearing t-rex embroidered patch.

Price: S$1,200


Loubiposh jurassic spike-embellished pouch by Christian Louboutin

Toughen a feminine outfit with this glamorous spiked pouch.

Price: S$1,405