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Trend to Try: 20 Statement earrings for 4 face shapes

While large, in-your-face, statement earrings ruled the runway shows, its time that it appears on the streets as well. Sure, dainty trinkets are easy to wear on an everyday basis, but the statement earrings we’re about to see will steal the show and turn heads.

Be it swishy shoulder dusters, or sophisticated pearl-adorned drop earrings; statement earrings are the easiest accessories to add that extra oomph to any look.

Want one, but not sure which will complement your face shape best? We’ve got it sorted!

An angular face shape no doubt exudes confidence and power, which adds to the punch a statement earring creates. Think of Jennifer Aniston or Olivia Wilde. If you’re looking to soften your distinct bone structure, pick pieces with rounder edges. Avoid diamond, square, and rectangular styled ones.

Probably an opposite of the above, ladies like Ginnifer Goodwin should look to elongate and add distinct structure to your face. This doesn’t mean that you can only opt for long, slinky earrings; go all out and pick a long, large, and dramatic statement number!

Look to Megan Fox, or even Kim Kardashian for inspiration when it comes to oval-shaped faced ladies. While you’re blessed with wide cheeks (hello, high cheekbones!) and slim chins, we’d say go for any statement earrings that will add “volume” to an otherwise narrow jaw.

Oh, you lucky heart-shaped faced ladies! Like Reese Witherspoon, you’re free to choose from (almost) any style you fancy. With a wider forehead, tapering down at the chin, focus on balancing the jawline. Your best options will be dangling tear-drop  options and statement earrings with rounded edges to soften the chin.