Late last year, Karl Lagerfeld and his Chanel entourage hosted their annual Métiers d’Art show in Hamburg. The charming European port city is Lagerfeld’s birthplace — and despite having set sail for Paris with no intention of returning during his youth, the Métiers d’Art 2018 was the German prodigal son’s grand homecoming.

“The port of Hamburg is quite poetic, even if it’s changed a lot, because it wasn’t like this before,” mused the designer after the show. “But I love it, and when I was a child, I went to school with the sons of ship owners, and we would come here and play on the boats, so all this to me is very familiar.”

Held at the shimmering new Elbphilharmonie world-class concert hall, the collection became a poetic homage to the city’s seafaring past and present. Lagerfeld reimagined the 21st-century wardrobes of chic “sailors who haven’t taken to the water”. Think: Elbeseglers (the German term for sailor caps) poshly reinvented in PVC and tweed; the Gabrielle bag re-dressed in deep-ocean blues or checked tweed in Hamburg’s typical brickwork shades; marine symbols on dangling earrings while chains become sautoirs and bracelets take shape of cordages.

Before the collection drops anchor in boutiques come May, have your first close-up of all the nautical-chic bags, brooches and brogues, here.

Chanel Métiers d’Art 2018 collection arrives in boutiques from end May onwards.