She outdoes every woman’s fashion icon in the ’90s because of her vast collection of shoes from Manolo BlahnikJimmy Choo and Christian Louboutin. She is still referenced and discussed by many to date, and admired by every columnist who has to scrape together a living (much less that wardrobe). Yes, she is none other than Sarah Jessica Parker’s Carrie Bradshaw character from Sex and the City.

Of course, Bradshaw had the occasional sartorial miss — we’re still haunted by that dowdy white top and track pants combination she wore in season 1 of the television series. But we believe her glorious moments surpass her fashion downfalls. After all, who can forget the fiercely stylish fur coat and python boots ensemble (pictured in our first slide) she put on in season 3?

With our year-end vacations just round the corner (and not to forget the many Christmas and New Year’s parties we will soon attend), we’ve put together a guide to five holiday outfits inspired by five of Bradshaw’s stylish moments. Now’s your turn to shine.