Alexander McQueen is a hallowed name. The enfant terrible of London fashion will forever be embedded in history as one of the most provocative and subversive designers to have defined the era in which he lived. Over the course of two decades, the designer went against the grain, positing an art-spliced fashion manifesto which transformed his garments into twisted yet brazenly romantic masterpieces, interweaving elaborate ideas with a pioneering theatricality on the runway.

For those of us who weren’t there to witness them first-hand, the most we’ve seen is through video clips. Glimpsed through our small screens, his consummate work can still be emotionally gripping. The designer’s shows, however, were never intended to be experienced in such a diminutive way. Now that the long-anticipated, critically acclaimed documentary McQueen is finally out in the UK (keeping our fingers crossed for a global release), we can relive his best moments on a larger scale.

In conjunction with the feature film, we reflect on five of the late master’s contributions in reshaping fashion’s landscape.

(Main image: Getty; featured image: Tim Walker)