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Let the Axel Arigato Clean 90 Zip show you why laceless sneakers are the next big thing

Get with us on this – when was the last time you saw someone wearing a pair of sneakers with the laces tied out? Tucking them into the shoe has become pretty much the de facto way of wearing sneakers these days, for a number of reasons. Style being the first, since floppy ribbon laces could detract from details on the shoe, as well as practicality. No one enjoys tripping over their unravelling laces multiple times a day.

The sneaker mavericks at Axel Arigato have made a move to shake up the game with laceless versions, in form of the Clean 90 Zip. We’re not saying that laceless sneakers were invention by the brand, but these are no doubt one of the sleekest we’ve seen on the market.

axel arigato clean 90 zip
The Clean 90 Zip in matte leather.

The Clean 90 Zip comes in a number of variants, for every possible stylistic need you may have. Working on the form of the signature Clean 90, the Clean 90 Zip comes with grooved Margom rubber leather soles, and calf-leather lining. You get versions made with 100% Italian calf leather, finished in chic matte neutrals, or pure Italian suede leather. Each shoe features a zip made from silvertone hardware, and is fitted with a cushioned footbed so you’ll feel like you’re walking on clouds.

The Clean 90 Zip in suede.

What’s even better is that the zips aren’t functional, so these are really just slip-on sneakers. You can don them in a split-second during rushed mornings and still look your best, which makes for an added dose of practicality we appreciate.

The Clean 90 Zip is such a versatile, unique sneaker. You can pair the suede version with jeans, for a casual day out, or rock the structured leather version with a smart casual get-up. They’re so polished, you could even swap out your formal footwear with them, and wear it with a suit. If Frank Ocean wore Vans to the White House, anything’s possible.

The Clean 90 Zip is priced at S$300. 

Let the Axel Arigato Clean 90 Zip show you why laceless sneakers are the next big thing

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