The man bag didn’t gain notoriety until recent times. Sure, there were briefcases, messenger bags and backpacks designed with masculine silhouettes aimed at C-suite executives and globetrotters. But how often do you see men carry bags for a casual stroll around town? Maybe not much in the past, but with the increase in millennial’s spending power, luxury fashion houses are targeting the accessory market by designing covetable bags for men.

We’re not talking solely about plain carriers that come in all black. Virgil Abloh at Louis Vuitton, for example, gave his signature streetwear twist to the timeless Keepall Monogram Bandoulière in his debut collection. Kim Jones did something similar too at Dior Men’s, breathing new life into the Dior Saddle bag (reserved in the past for womenswear) and making it one of this season’s hottest bags.

In case you were in the mood for a bit of shopping on your own, what better way to start than making your first purchase of the season a man bag for yourself? For the ladies reading this, your man/partner will surely appreciate you shopping for him in a role reversal.