Asia is having its major moments in fashion. Victoria’s Secret made headlines earlier last week when it announced its next international runway pit stop: Shanghai. After last year’s Parisian extravagance, the lingerie label is tapping on Eastern opulence this 2017. Expect Asian ‘It’ models — Liu Wen, Sui He, Ming Xi, et al. — tackling bigger wings.

Not too far from the location of her second Victoria’s Secret show, Bella Hadid had a splashing time in Beijing. In town for a massive Bulgari bash, the model made time for a temple run, dressed to the athleisure nines. Also in China was DJ Mademoiselle Yulia, who opted for a sharp I-mean-business dress — taking on night strolls in underlit alleys seriously. Meanwhile, fellow Japanese trailblazer, model Kiko Mizuhara, went incognito in a white Kabuki mask for a circuit around Tokyo.

Yulia and Mizuhara are the Asian cool cats that need no introduction, but they’re not the only style-setting natives to the city. Meet Coco and Yoshi: The former is the six-year-old daughter of Harajuku’s cult-favourite thrift shop Funktique owners, while the latter is a 14-year-old vintage shop junkie who also happens to be Helmut Lang’s youngest muse.

From Liu Wen flaunting her latest Puma campaign to rapper Kendrick Lamar opting for the Korean label of the moment as his stage get-up, here are the week’s best fashion Instagram posts you might have missed.

(Main image: Twitter; featured image: Bella Hadid)


Going extra on her dose of athleisure, Bella Hadid’s temple-visiting OOTD did not disappoint us.

“Very very excited to be in Beijing with my #bulgariofficial family wearing the newest #Sisterhood bag❤️So excited to meet all of you here in China!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ All my love @bulgariofficial ???? ????????????”


Here’s Coco, a six-year-old Japanese fashionista with probably more style than all of us combined. And apparently, Coco’s sense of style runs in the family: Her parents are owners of Harajuku’s cult favourite thrift shop Funktique.

“⏳⏳⏳ @mitograph


With constant exemplary #liftselfies, Yoshi is another Japanese cool kid (and we’re emphasising on kid here) you should be following on Instagram by now.


Here’s how Japanese model Kiko Mizuhara goes incognito when night strolling on the streets of Tokyo.



Alley escapades with DJ Mademoiselle Yulia are way more spruced up than you’d think.



MTV VMAs’ biggest winner, rapper Kendrick Lamar, donned Korean label Hyein Seo for his recent stage performance.

“BE HUMBLE #KendrickLamar #VMAs #HYEINSEO”


Let Yoon Ahn of Ambush teach you a thing or two about nailing the graphic tee trend.



Yes, you read that right. The Victoria’s Secret angels’ next destination is Shanghai.

“Breaking 2017 #VSFashionShow news: Shanghai, we’re coming for you. Watch it Nov 28, 10/9C on @cbstv. Click our profile link for the full Angel line-up & more!”


Victoria’s Secret’s first Asian model, Liu Wen, is also the latest Asian model to front Puma’s hip hop-tinged campaign.

“ATM Inside ➡️➡️➡️➡️➡️ @Puma Outside”


Having strutted the Victoria’s Secret runway for seven years straight, Sui He is another Asian angel to keep your eyes peeled for as she takes on her home turf this year.

“The seven year never itches. Still enthusiastic for you. Thanks for having me ????????????”