The weekend preceding Halloween is really a mixed bag. Half of us are out on the streets, dressed up to the nines in the most elaborate costumes. The other half are sitting comfortably at home, under the sheets with one of the many Jamie Lee Curtis versions of Halloween on the screen (the original was the best, if we’re being honest here). The semi-festive weekend is also great because we get to see our favourite personalities put on the personas of other celebrities. Think Harry Styles as Elton John, and Olivia Munn as Awkwafina’s Crazy Rich Asians character Peik Lin. Keep reading for the best costumes from this Halloween weekend and more fashion news.

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Harry Styles channels Elton John in the latter’s most iconic look

#HarryStyles #EltonJohn costume was one of the best at #Casamigos Halloween party, always one of my favorites to photograph

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What do Harry Styles and Elton John have in common? Besides being the muses of Gucci’s creative director Alessandro Michele, they both know how to rock a sparkling Dodgers uniform.

43 years ago, John cemented his career over two sold-out weekends at the Los Angeles’ Dodger Stadium, where he opened first night in a bedazzled baseball overall that became one of his most iconic looks ever. Fast forward to last weekend, Styles showed up to the Casamigos Halloween party in Beverly Hills looking just as John did, including a pair of jewelled sunglasses by Gucci. The cherry on top was the Dodger’s winning Game 3 of the World Series that very same evening.

Cindy Crawford invites you to board Casamigos Air with pilots George Clooney and Rande Gerber

Now boarding: @Casamigos Air ✈️ #casamigoshalloween

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Another winner coming out from the Casamigos Halloween party was Cindy Crawford. The supermodel rocked up to round 2 of the party dressed as a retro flight attendant flanked by her pilots – her husband Rande Gerber and his Casamigos business partner George Clooney.

“Ladies and gentlemen, we hope you enjoy your flight tonight,” says George in a video announcing their costumes (is that a thing?). “The good news is that Cindy Crawford is going to be your flight attendant. The bad news is, well we’ve never flown before.” The actor then flashes a cheeky smile and gives a thumbs up to the camera. Following that, the aviation world might feel safer with Clooney Up in the Air racking up his million miles than steering a jet.

Oliva Munn honours Crazy Rich Asians dressed as Awkwafina’s Peik Lin

While everyone fangirled over Henry Golding and Constance Chu in this summer’s breakout movie Crazy Rich Asians, Olivia Munn has her sights set on one underdog character: Awkwafina’s Peik Lin. And again, it was at the Casamigos party that this costume appeared at, cementing the fact that it is the party with the best costumes, period.

Just how much of the costume did Munn get right? Asian ethnicity? Check (Munn is half Chinese). Blonde bob? Check. Red bunny-patterned dress? Well, Hello Kitty isn’t exactly it, but we get the idea, and it’s not a bad effort.

Burberry invites six artists to reinterpret the Thomas Burberry monogram

It was just slightly over two months ago when Riccardo Tisci rebranded Burberry with a new monogram designed by Peter Saville. But never one to rest, he invited six creatives to create their own interpretations of the Thomas Burberry monogram.

Seen above is London-based graffiti artist Goodchild’s take on how the monogram should ‘I take elements of my drawings and paint them on the walls,” he said in a statement on Burberry. “Sometimes it renders the meaningless but they work graphically and I can live with that.” Other artists involved in this project include Isobel Napier and Sam Coldy.

Would you wear an S$13,000 pair of heels that morph your foot with an alien heel?

Yes, they’re walkable

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Chances are you’d have seen the freakishly extra-terrestrial visuals of Fecal Matter on your Instagram feed. The duo – Hannah Rose Dalton and Steven Raj Bhaskaran – have made a name for themselves with their outlandish outfits that make it seem as though they’re celebrating Halloween every day. They would be pictured on the streets standing in a prosthetic heel that seemingly morphs into Dalton’s legs.

At first, it was all a prosthetic facade (with the help from Photoshop). But the desire to create a real-life version of the heel has finally paid off with the help of artist Sarah Sitkin. Just like a couture fitting, Dalton had to get her legs perfectly moulded for the boot (or is it a heel?) to be walkable in.

It’s a lot like how Simon Huck envisioned the evolution of fashion to go towards in his exhibition A. Human that took place during NYFW last month. The show challenged the concept of body morphing: would you be open to the idea of your heel being a nautilus shell permanently? While Fecal Matter and A. Human are not related, both are perfect examples of the direction fashion is inevitably headed towards in the future.

The H&M and Moschino fashion show brought out all the superstars to a recreation of Times Square

When Jeremy Scott announced that Moschino would be collaborating with H&M at Beychella, the bourgeoisie collectively started their countdown for November 8. Last week, Scott debuted the entire collection in New York City, and for the occasion, he brought out an entire army.

Naomi Campbell, the Hadid sisters, Soo Joo, Imaan Hammam and more all traipsed down a recreation of Times Square, showing off outfits glittering with more gold than Donald Trump’s home. Also making an appearance in the collection are our favourite Disney characters motifed on baseball jerseys and sweatpants.

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