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Working from home? Elevate your loungewear style with these pieces

You wake up. You take a bath. You pour yourself a cup of coffee. And then you get to work — dressed in your sweatpants.

That has been the reality for many of us in the midst of the ongoing global health emergency. Working from home — whether under quarantine or not — is the new normal, just like washing your hands (necessary) and hoarding toilet paper (totally unnecessary).

In other words, staying in has never been more fashionable. Why not dress that way, too? After all, indulging in luxury loungewear is just as much an act of self-care as practising yoga or nurturing a house plant. Don’t judge; some people happen to find their centre in a silk robe instead of a still seated pose. Also, meditating on what to wear can be a morning ritual for some to truly start the day — all the more important now that our desks have been replaced by our couches.

You don’t have to aspire to the level of unbothered elegance presented by Dries Van Noten and Raf Simons in this photo, but your loungewear game should definitely mean business. Before you go about your job in your jammies, here are some pieces that say “self-isolation, but make it fashion”.


Besides being in a business-appropriate shade of blue, this minimal pyjama top get points for the jade nanoparticles it’s made with. They help to keep you cool in our balmy weather, so you can work in true comfort. The matching pyjama pants are just the cherry on top.

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Thanks to Audrey Hepburn and Steve Jobs, a turtleneck will always look chic and smart. This knit dress marries one with a robe-like silhouette. It’s comfy (check out the wool and cashmere blend) but versatile enough to take out for a spin once we’re free to socialise again.

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Alexa Chung has always had a brilliant sense of timing when it comes to style. Case in point: her sleepwear collection, launched just late last year. Any fan of Chung’s menswear-inspired style will appreciate this shirt and pants set, complete with smart stripes and cuffs.

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The Olsen twins know a thing or two about picking the right sweater. The one they designed for their label The Row is just as polished as their style; just layer over a blazer if you’re taking a conference call. And with its unique bouclé knit, this is the sweater to end all knit sweaters.

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Two words: cashmere trousers. Your loungewear style wouldn’t be complete with a pair, and this one is a clear winner with its soft, relaxed silhouette and side pockets(!). With its simple design and neutral camel hue, you can also wear the pants with pretty much any top.

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Just because you’re at home doesn’t mean you can’t inject a dose of colour into your outfit. Balenciaga, ever the brand to flip traditions, has made this velvet robe for exactly that purpose. It comes in a vibrant yellow hue — or green, depending on your lighting — that will instantly brighten up your day and make being confined indoors that much more bearable.

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If you’re really going to bank on track pants throughout your quarantine, let these be your go-to. The pants are obviously not your garden variety sweats; they come in camel instead of dull grey, for one, and they boast Gucci’s signature GG-diamond pattern. Looking to flex even when working from home? This is how you do it.

$1,935, Matches Fashion

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When else will you get to attend to your professional duties in the luxury of a well-made silk robe? Seize your chance with this one by La Perla. Not only is it breathtakingly beautiful, but it’s also timeless with its ivory shade and classic design. Dressed in it, you might decide that this work from home situation isn’t so bad after all.

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