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Pale and pretty: 7 pastel sneakers to covet

Pastels have been receiving their moment in the spotlight in too many ways to count. First taking root in hair dye jobs, then becoming a full-blown aesthetic, soft colourways are now taking over the sneaker wave.

Nearly every high street and luxury sneaker label has, or will be dropping a pastel pack. Muted colours are set to unseat vibrant sneakers from their pedestal, and it’s a trend we’re on board with. Having looked through too many powder blues, sunset pinks, sea foam greens and nude sneakers to count, we’ve curated a list of the seven most coveted pastel sneakers worth buying. As a bonus, they’re all extremely wearable and wouldn’t be amiss as part of your casual uniform.

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Vans for Opening Ceremony VT Prison Issue LX Sneaker

Dispel the myth that skater shoes can’t look smart. The subdued nude leather brings on the polish, while the strap fasteners keep it fresh. Make this an alternative to your standard white trainers.

Available on Opening Ceremony, S$180

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Axel Arigato Cross-Laced Sneakers in "Nude Leather"

Axel Arigato is becoming a cult sneaker brand, and its clean designs don’t leave much room to question why. Though its standard sneakers come in pastel tones, its Cross Laced renditions are a notch above. A zip front and criss-crossing lace detail make these plenty to look at, despite the design’s seeming minimalism and soft pink hue.

Available on Axel Arigato, S$420

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Puma Suede Heart Reset in "Aruba Blue"

The Basket Hearts may be all the rage, but the Suede Heart Resets are deserving of love too. These pair in Aruba Blue aren’t for the shy dresser. The combination of velvet laces, a suede body and Tiffany blue definitely takes some style chops to pull off.

Available at Puma, S$149

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Adidas Tubular Entrap in "Ice Purple"

Soft lilac neoprene, mesh and suede make these Adidas babies a textural dream. You probably won’t need anymore attention drawn to your feet since the Tubular Entrap’s silhouette is already eye-catching enough, but the unconventional mix of pastel fabrics sure doesn’t hurt.

Available on Net-A-Porter, S$190

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Chloé Kyle Hi Tops in "Reef Shell"

If your brand of femininity is rocking a kickass, skate park-worthy pair of pastel sneakers, look no further than these Chloés, with the pairing of a dusky coral upper and scallop-edged white rubber sole.

Available on Chloé, S$860

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Common Projects Original Achilles Low

Say you want a pair of muted trainers, but don’t want a form that’s too complex. These Common Projects Original Achilles Lows are exactly what you’re looking for. They’re simple and unostentatious, but so meticulously crafted that they’ll inflect luxury on your entire being. These cement grey versions are perfect for everyday wear.

Available on Club 21, S$610

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Miu Miu Lace Up Sneakers

Miu Miu’s two-tone lace-ups are a cute way to try the pastel trend without committing to a fully powder-blue shoe. The shoes’ full nappa leather construction also makes them more sophisticated than the usual canvas offerings on the market.

Available on Miu Miu, S$680

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