On November 20, 2001, Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake donned double (triple, quadruple, far too much) denim on the American Music Awards red carpet. It was a full-on blue sea of a couple’s outfit that would make any cowboy weep, and no one looked at double denim the same way again.

Now, double denim is back at it again, steadily creeping into the brackets of timeless fashion. When done right, of course. While some argue that wearing head-to-toe denim is a travesty that should be left in the early ’00s, we believe that it should be given a second chance. Flaunted by the likes of Alexa Chung, Miranda Kerr, Zoë Kravitz and more, we see this monochromatic style gaining a maturity that transcends its trashy pubescent phase a decade ago.

Our resounding yes to the trend is a conditional one, as there are some style codes that have to be followed, lest we fall back into the dark days of 2001.

Here’s some style inspiration on how to wear double denim.

Go tonal

There are so many variations of denim available, giving you plenty of tonal options to work with. Don’t just stick to one shade. Do as Alexa Chung does, and layer on your dark and light blues.

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Play with forms

If you’ve got to do a monochromatic look, make it interesting by playing with forms. Take cues from Zoë Kravitz, and choose an oversized top to pair with skinny or bell-bottom jeans. “Don’t-look-at-me” dark glasses are optional.

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Introduce patterns

Rhinestoned denim should be locked up and left in fashion purgatory, but patterned denim, we appreciate. See how Miranda Kerr dresses up her lazy day outfit with a pair of jean shorts that showcases subtle floral details on the pockets.

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Try denim prints

You don’t have to always stick with true blue denim. Denim prints on your T-shirt or sweater are interesting alternatives too, as seen on this Chloé runway.

(Photo: Indigital)

Go retro

Button-down front skirts are a cute ’70s accent to any all denim outfit. Style it with a loose denim shirt, and a pencil skirt with brassy front buttons, like this street style icon.

(Photo: 360 Nobs)

It doesn't always have to be a denim shirt

Break the mould and go for a flowy denim blouse, or a thin tank top. Dakota Fanning does just that, with a deep denim miniskirt for added summery vibes.

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