Italy has been on the headlines lately and even fashion brands from Gucci to Balenciaga are pitching in. Luxury brand Bottega Veneta, too, is playing its part with the launch of a new Virtual Residency programme aimed to spread positivity and strength.

This multi-platform plan will see a muse, collaborator or talent take over the newly-created mini-site showing off works that inspire them, be it film, music or art. On weekends, the platform will host cooking segments from chefs and/or host live music performances with a Sunday movie night thrown into the mix.

“Creativity and strength lie at the heart of Bottega Veneta,” artistic director Daniel Lee shared. “In this highly distressing time, we feel a responsibility to celebrate those values and ignite a sense of joy and hope in our community and beyond.”

You can access the Residency through Instagram, YouTube, Spotify, Apple Music, as well as Bottega Veneta’s website.

This article was first published on Prestige Online Singapore.

Tan Chee Boon