Bottega Veneta just launched an unconventional bag line made from recycled corrugated cardboard paper.

While many brands have started incorporating sustainable practices into its operations in recent years, luxury group Kering — who owns Gucci, Saint Laurent, Bottega Veneta and more — is a true leader of such commitments. Since 2008, the group has been implementing solid investments into a greener future through various sustainability strategies, whether it’s cutting down its greenhouse gas emissions, restoring degraded lands, promoting animal welfare, or initiating the Fashion Pact global alliance, among others.

One essential component of these efforts is, of course, consumer education. “Luxury and sustainability are one and the same,” explained Kering CEO François-Henri Pinault. To guide high-end shoppers in understanding that the two can co-exist, the most efficient way is to produce luxury goods that are both stylishly and sustainably made.

Bottega Veneta’s latest Kraft Paper collection features the house’s now-iconic bags crafted in 100 percent recycled and FSC certified paper.

Launching creative, eco-conscious products that are buzz-worthy can help push the message further too, such as the case with Bottega Veneta‘s latest bag release. Dubbed the Kraft Paper, this new innovative handbag line forms part of Daniel Lee’s Pre-Fall 2020 creations for the house, featuring the now-iconic bag designs all reinterpreted using 100 percent recycled and FSC certified paper.

The corrugated cardboard paper comes in a crumpled effect, adding extra beauty to the design with the natural-looking texture. The raw material is then treated with aliphatic polyurethane film and microfibre fabric for protection and waterproof capabilities, leaving them durable enough to use as everyday bags that you can carry around — fabulously guilt-free.

The corrugated cardboard paper comes in a crumpled effect, adding extra beauty to the design with the natural-looking texture.

Whether it’s the Pouch, the Shoulder Pouch, the BV Twist or the Mini Pouch, these Kraft Paper bags are each lined with calf leather and supported with a magnetic frame, with the exception of the BV Twist, which features a zip opening and internal pocket.

The Kraft Paper collection is currently available at Bottega Veneta stores and online, with prices ranging from S$1,630 to S$3,280.

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