For style enthusiasts, fall-winter is the absolute best season for menswear. It’s perhaps the only time where one can get creative by mixing and matching different pieces of clothing. Alongside layering, our style spectrum for fall-winter 2019 includes turtlenecks, scarves, heavy coats for formalwear and lighter sweaters for a casual look. Here’s a quick round-up of the details you need to be looking out for this season.

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Turtlenecks and long coats
Sheffield Classic Fit Wool & Cashmere Overcoat by Nordstrom
Plaid Stretch Wool & Cotton Overcoat by Nordstrom

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A turtleneck has a retro appeal and is much classier when worn with a contrasting long coat. Pair it with denims and cropped chinos for a casual look, albeit your best bet is well-tailored trousers, preferably monotone. Layer with a casual blazer for nine-to-five hustle, but as dusk approaches with colder winds, pull out your long coat, which has an effortless European appeal.

How to accessorize?
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Accessorising for fall permits you to blend winter and pre-summer trends. Indulge in Tom Ford or Dior sunglasses  and a Frederique Constant smartwatch for a more sporty appeal. Add a light scarf (in accordance with your contrasting layers of clothing) and leather boots. A navy, red, beige or black scarf would be perfect colour blocks if you balance your palette right. Match your leather boots with a leather bag – indulge in Berluti’s bespoke leather accessories for this experience.

The colour palette and patterns
'Military Green' jacket and jeans for casual indulgences
Contrasting monochromatic striped undershirt

Winter and navy have had an eternal style connection, accompanied by shades of beige, grey and black. As undeniable style staples, they could play the role of a base colour for your look. For casual indulgences, military green and brown make for great sweaters and coats.

Business casual: Woolen navy jackets with tattersall prints
Casual winter layering: Beige and navy jackets with contrasting gray scarves.

In terms of textures and patterns, a navy windowpane long coat worn over a black or gray turtleneck and black trousers is pure perfection. The goal we’re trying to achieve is utilizing classic staples such as navy, black and beige with modern prints and textures like windowpane, tattersall or even solids with contrast detailing. Wearing a monotone black on black look, colour blocked with a vibrant red or subtle beige scarf can do the trick too.

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