The art of piquing desire through simplicity is a finesse Coco Chanel mastered. Her dual brand philosophy, the insouciant interlocking of Cs as a logo, the streamlined design of the 2.55 flap bag — they’ve all transcended decades beyond their first inception.

This season, Karl Lagerfeld, torchbearer for the namesake, encapsulates the icon’s vision in the form of a totable, slingable, clutchable bag. Everyone, meet the Chanel 31.

chanel 31 bag
The Chanel 31 has a concealable double shoulder strap available if you so wish to have free hands.

Named after Coco’s residential address (31 Rue Cambon, ICYDK) and also a popular French maxim (“se mettre sur son 31”, an equivalent to English’s “dressed to the nines”), the bag is a paean for the house’s hallowed founder. First shown at Chanel’s autumnal Fall 2018 show earlier in March, the 31 made its grand entrance in more ways than one.

Gripped around its built-in handles in full glory, semi-folded, or fully bent into a clutch, the 31’s lithe construction allows instant transformation at a snap of a finger. A two-tone double shoulder strap is knotted inside if you so wish to have your hands free.

chanel 31
Semi-folded and fully folded into clutch forms.

The 31 plays up on the house’s signature two-tone tendencies with a wide colour combo available, from zesty royal blue-meets-hot pink to classic beige-black and all-black. The house’s mainstay double C tourniquet clasp glistening nonetheless.

As for proportions, the tote-cum-clutch comes in several sizes. Whether you stand by the bigger-is-better adage or the other end of the size exaggeration spectrum, the 31 has its iteration done from XL to XS. Space for your daily essentials will stay adjustable to your need. Fold when not much is needed, unfold when more is. This is the epitome of form meeting function. Coco would have quietly approved.

The new Chanel 31 bag drops in boutiques this September. Prices for the 31 start from S$4,860.