Of all the nightclubs in Singapore, Cherry Discotheque is the one that screams “Gen Z”.

The statement is ironic enough, given that the club has consistently prided itself on its retro-futuristic DNA and ’80s-inspired look since its early days as a hip-hop club at York Hotel circa 2016. Still, for a generation that is actively reviving the pre-2000 years in style, Cherry Discotheque is the club that fits the bill. Even its relocation to Cecil Street did little to change that energy — instead, the club glowed up into an experiential nightlife destination, where themed nights range from throwback tunes to K-pop jams. Its neon-lit grit has remained a beacon of all things cool, even amidst the COVID-19 crisis, where nightlife destinations have had the ground ripped from their feet.

Cherry Discotechque
Photo credit: Cherry Discotechque

The club has been closed since 25 March 2020, leaving zero income for the business as it waits out the day it can reopen again. According to Singapore’s roadmap post-Circuit Breaker, nightlife destinations open during the final phase of our “new normal” plan, which means Cherry Discotheque could be closed for months yet.

In spite of this, the team behind the club has decided to bring the party to your wardrobe by launching Cherry Online, its online merchandise store hosted on its brand-new website. Cherry Online is all about clothes designed in homage to the club. From hoodies to oversized T-shirts stylized as band tour merchandise, the lean and mean collection does not just look good, it does good too. 10 percent of the proceeds for every purchase will go to the #SSGPAYSITFORWARD movement, launched to support vulnerable communities through COVID-19.

Apart from social good, these tops also promise you free entry for a month to the club as long as you walk up to its entryway with one on. We promise it’s worthwhile because word has it that the club is planning a comeback that will take everything we love about Cherry Discotechque to a whole new plane.

For more information, visit www.cherrydiscotheque.com.

Beatrice Bowers
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