For over twenty years, Chopard and the Cannes Film Festival has enjoyed a dazzling relationship, extending from celebrities to filmmakers in the spotlight. 

Every year, actresses walking the red carpet debut the jewellery house’s latest array of haute joaillerie pieces featuring innovative workmanship and precious gemstones. Chopard is also responsible for the crafting of one of the most prestigious awards in the film industry: the Palme d’Or, an emerald-cut rock crystal adorned with a 24-carat gold palm leaf. 

The Palme d’Or (Image credit: Chopard)

For those who missed out on the action in May, Chopard presents an elegant way to relive these glamorous moments in fashion and cinema history. This year, it pays homage once again to the golden age of film with its latest Chopard Cannes Limited Edition 2019 eyewear. 

Inspired by the screen divas of 1950s, these jewelled frames reference the iconic cat-eye sunglasses trend of the era. The bold acetate frames are speckled with gold foil details, matched with 24-carat gold-plated mirrored lenses. 

Chopard Cannes Limited Edition 2019 eyewear (Image credit: Chopard)

The flamboyant creation is further emboldened by ornate 23-carat gold-plated temples on the sides. The vines of gold and crystal-embellished leaves, carefully crafted by Chopard’s jewellers, echo the famous Cannes Palme d’Or trophy.

To complete the chic vibe, the Chopard Cannes Limited Edition 2019 eyewear comes along with a hatbox-style gold satin box and gold satin pochette-style case.

There’s no better person to pull this flattering piece of than Valerie Wang (@valerie_wang). The fashion influencer and entrepreneur is best known for her ever-evolving aesthetic and creative eye for styling.

(Image credit: Jeff Chang Studios for LSA)
After spending a luxurious afternoon with the Chopard Cannes Limited Edition 2019 eyewear, Valerie shares tips about looking great on the red carpet, her fashion label UNDA and her style icons. 

Tell us about your fashion label, UNDA. Where do you get your inspirations from?

I started UNDA in 2016 with the belief that personal style is an ever-evolving concept with no specific formula. I believe that every individual has the freedom to dress to their heart’s desire and not be limited to a single aesthetic or character. UNDA is also a creative outlet for me to experiment and challenge myself to try new things. I get my inspirations everywhere: from my daily life to the people around me. Everything in UNDA has traces of me, from designing, photo shooting, styling, and packing (except when I’m out of town).

(Image credit: Jeff Chang Studios for LSA, outfit by Longchamp)

How would you describe your style?
Just like UNDA, my personal style is ever-evolving and I dress according to my own emotions. I take fashion trends into consideration, but I will try to avoid compromising with comfort.

Who are your style icons and why do you like them?

I really like Yohji Yamamoto. He finds beauty in imperfection, breaking away from conformity to revolutionise womenswear. I also like Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen—they can rock anything! Despite their petite form, they can pull off anything from long dresses to oversized pants.

(Image credit: Jeff Chang Studios for LSA)

Say you’ve been invited to a red carpet event. What do you see yourself pulling together?

For me, comfort should never be compromised. I believe that when you feel comfortable, you’ll naturally feel confident and be able to present yourself the way you want it.

The pieces I wore with the Chopard Cannes Special Edition eyewear suits such an occasion perfectly. The champagne satin number I wore is a luxurious piece that doesn’t overwhelm me, while the flamboyant feathered skirt completes this visual-worthy look. I really like the maroon Longchamp dress as well—it offers a masculine contrast to the more feminine pleats. Last but not least, there’s the red satin dress—it’s hard to go wrong with a red dress.

(Image credit: Chopard)

How would you accessorise and style the Chopard Cannes Special Edition eyewear?

The Chopard eyewear itself is a standout piece. The gold-plated lenses, gold-foil details, and the Cannes Palm d’Or-inspired temples make it a very glamorous and picture-worthy pair of sunglasses. It’s still very flexible with most outfits. I’d pair it with the everyday t-shirt and jeans combo, or with an extravagant over-the-top outfit for special occasions.

What sunglasses would you pick for travel, casual outings, or for events?

There’s a perfect piece for every purpose, I can’t pick only one. I have a variety, from narrow frames to over-sized shades. I like going for the cat-eye sunglasses, like these Chopard ones, because it goes pretty well with my face shape and it gives off a bold look

The Chopard Cannes Special Edition 2019 sunglasses are now available at W Optics in Suntec City and Alexis Eyewear Boutique in Ngee Ann City. The Chopard Cannes pop up is located at W Optics in Suntec City till 31st August 2019. 

Photography: Jeff Chang
Stylist: Josiah Chua

W Optics
3 Temasek Boulevard, #01-400, Suntec City West Wing, Singapore 038983
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