The latest fashion and sport specialist manufacturer collaboration in the market might not look like it could take on a 360 or an Alley-oop, but with a price tag that tips over S$7,000 (and likely double on the resale market), Dior Homme and Bogarde boldly invite you to try.

dior homme gold bmx
The Dior Homme x Bogarde Gold BMX bike

Sure, the Gold BMX looks more like an art installation than a functioning street bike, but even the most chic BMX-riding hypebeast will want to take this ultra-luxe gold bike for a ride.

Beyond the gilded facade and supple calfskin detailing, French cycling specialist Bogarde’s technical expertise shines through with top-of-the-line tires, pedals and chain. To top off the Dior experience, there’s the logo and iconic bee motif on the Gold BMX’s brakes, frame, and handlebars.

dior homme gold bmx
Dior’s classic bee motif finds its way onto the handlebars.

Of course, this bougie travelling indulgence will call upon garb of similar gold standards, and you can bet Dior Homme has got you damn well covered with its Gold capsule collection. As Kris Van Assche’s swansong, the obsidian lineup sees rich 18k gold embroidery on street-worthy pieces, as well as single-breasted blazers.

Referencing the Gold capsule collection, the Gold BMX sees a shiny gold metal finish.

The extreme sport of BMX will always have its place as one that will earn you instant street cred, but we’re pretty sure Bogarde and Dior Homme have collectively sealed the deal to make one of the coolest bikes to ever exist.

Just be extra careful on the half pipes.

Shatricia Nair
Deputy Editor
Shatricia Nair is a motoring, watches, and wellness writer who is perpetually knee-deep in the world of V8s, tourbillons, and the latest fitness trends. She is fuelled by peanut butter and three cups of coffee a day.