Street style trends are fascinating. Think about it: They’re the organic by-products of whatever went on the runways six months ago — that is, if we’re speaking for the general majority of brands who still stick to the traditional fashion calendar — which fashion week attendees (your Caroline Issas, Eva Chens and Linda Tols etc) wear to the next season’s shows. Their personal styling tricks are immortalised through the lens of street style photographers, and then in digital galleries that are circulated the world over. This is a short summary of one of the many ways global trends can wildly spread.

While often times we, equatorial residents, can’t participate in whatever exciting layering oeuvre or outerwear mania that have the earth’s four-seasoners obsessed, we’re not entirely left out. There are street style trends that don’t require you to perspire bullets. So below, fresh from the streets of New York, London, Milan and Paris, here are the easy street style trends you can effortlessly pull off. No sweat.

(Main image: Tommy Ton; featured image: Dan Roberts)