Although it was only first celebrated in the 20th century — unlike Mother’s Day, which dates way back to the 1600s — Father’s Day has found itself a place on our calendar smack dab in the middle of the year. And we’re glad it did, because the father figures in our lives certainly deserve a day dedicated to them.

But getting our dads a special gift they’d actually like, wear and use, is a whole new ball game compared to ordering the fail-proof bouquets we appreciate our mums with. While it may seem that the average dad out there doesn’t seem all too particular or fussy about material gifts, it’s still a sweet gesture to get him a present — in return for all the times he’s put up with our growing-up antics. And no, sad ties or last-minute socks don’t quite cut the mustard.

In order to reward our beloved papas, here’s our Father’s Day gift guide filled with some seriously lust-worthy presents. From an Hermès gardening essential to a Kingsman umbrella, these lavish everyday objects are just what you need to spoil him.

(Main image: 20th Century Fox; Featured image: Mr. Porter)

The umbrella a Kingsman would approve of

Dapper dads who’ve watched Kingsman: The Secret Service are sure to covet the sleek umbrella weapon that seamlessly blends with the characters’ well-tailored suits. Replicated from the movie’s costume design, Mr. Porter has created a bespoke capsule collection that includes this smooth accessory to combat rogue showers.

S$468 (£263.04), Kingsman

The 18k gold cufflinks that pay tribute to golf

If dad’s an avid golfer, these whimsical Deakin & Francis cufflinks are bound to score you a special place in his heart as his favourite child. The cufflinks are polished with 18k gold, crafted with tee-shaped backs and adorned with hand-painted golfers.

S$8,251 (£4,636), Deakin & Francis

The supple gardening tool

Gardening, but even better. If your father has a green thumb, a pair of Hermès leather-lined secateurs is a stylish gift his fingers, as well as succulents, will truly thank you for.

Price upon request, Hermès

The plush baby cashmere robe

A deluxe robe can do a whole lot more than you think, especially after a long, tiring day. Splurge on Loro Piana’s lounging James robe, which is threaded with exceptionally soft and rare fibres gently combed from the underfleece of Hircus goat kids. Trust us, this will become his year-round home attire.

S$4,080 (£2,278), Loro Piana

The monogrammed wallet

Wallets are the fail-proof linchpin in any Father’s Day gift guide. But if you’d like to go the extra mile, stamping his initials on Burberry‘s folding wallet is the way to go. From 8 to 18 June, Burberry’s monogramming service is available at its Ion Orchard boutique.

S$575, Burberry

The no-frills money clip

For the dad who prefers not having the bulky feel of a wallet in his pocket, Thom Browne’s silver striped money clip will get his dough snazzily organised — sans the weight.

S$1,022 (US$740), Thom Browne

The all-in shoe care kit

This is the ideal present for the shoe aficionados. Housed in a wooden work of beauty, Turms’ Complete Shoe Care Kit With Wood Case is replete with brushes and polishes. There’s also a natural shampoo and protector designed for suede accessories, while the lavender flower bags help deodorise the kicks.

S$1,310 (£735), Turms

The travel buddy that doubles up as a phone charger

This carry-on solves one of the most vexing traveller pet peeves: Dying phones with no power socket in sight. New York-based Arlo Skye designed the award-winning aluminium alloy shell Carry-On as the travelling companion that’ll keep your dad’s digital devices fully charged.

S$760 (US$550), Arlo Skye

The classic, timeless briefcase

Any businessman would appreciate a good ol’ leather workbag — more so if it happens to be this calf leather intreccio briefcase from Bottega Veneta. With a padded section and two multifunctional pockets, he’ll never have to fumble in search of a missing article.

S$3,340, Bottega Veneta

The magical wardrobe that cleans clothes

Here’s something any kind of father will appreciate: The LG Styler Steam Clothing System. It steams, cleans and smoothens clothes in under one hour, so dad can skip dry cleaning pick-up days.

S$2,999, LG