It was literally days before the show when news dropped: Paul Andrew, formerly the women’s creative director, is now promoted to be the creative director of the entire Salvatore Ferragamo brand. He has pretty big shoes to fill, now that he has to oversee every design produced by the company. Adding to the pressure is the rise of brands that have also recently changed creative directions like Louis Vuitton, Celine and Bottega Veneta. But looking at his fast rise in both Ferragamo and the fashion industry, we know that he’ll be able to pull through — this collection’s looks are a given.

Coming from a brand that specialises in leather footwear, it’s no surprise that the latest ready-to-wear collection starts from the bottom up. The inspiration for Salvatore Ferragamo’s Autumn/Winter 2019 collection came from a 1942-patchwork wedge designed by Mr Ferragamo himself. Patchworks of suede, Nappa, snake, and lizard are echoed throughout the line in both their clothing articles and accessories, which Andrew successfully incorporated without neglecting the brand’s vision of celebrating diversity.

“I am confident in his vision as we powerfully connect the complementary forces of our heritage, our unwavering commitment to innovation and Italian craftsmanship, and our relentless dedication to our customers”
Chief executive officer of Ferragamo, Micaela Le Divelec Lemmi told WWD

It’s a big mixture of everything from heavy, drapey leather pieces to hand-knit textured sweaters. These are pretty much the essentials of an autumn or winter season. The leather craftsmanship is impeccable, as expected from the brand. Catch these pieces in our gallery below.

(All images: Salvatore Ferragamo)

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