If you’ve ever found yourself scrolling through lists of the world’s most expensive soft toys, you’re bound to have come across a Louis Vuitton teddy bear. A few years ago, there was a re-release of their DouDou bear, a teddy entirely covered with the brand’s signature monogram. DouDou was created in 2005, when Marc Jacobs helmed the house. It was the only toy bear in the Parisian label’s history, costing a staggering S$12,585.

louis vuitton teddy bear doudou
Meet DouDou.

But DouDou is getting a sibling, as a new Louis Vuitton teddy bear arrives on the scene. As part of their coming collaboration with Fragment Design, this black leather baby comes with a monogrammed belly, with quatrefoils as eyes. It’s far edgier than the original DouDou, and not as cuddle-friendly, but it’s definitely a collectors item to covet.

louis vuitton teddy bear fragment singapore
The new DouDou teddy bear goes punk.

The bear will be available at the upcoming pop-up store, priced at S$1,190. Considering that the most expensive teddy bearing the Louis Vuitton monogram cost $2.1 million, this one’s a steal. You’re going to have to be quick though, as they’ll be available in extremely limited quantities. For more information about the pop-up store, see here.

The Louis Vuitton Singapore Pop-Up Store @ Surrender is located at 268 Orchard Road, #01-03, Singapore 238856. Open from 11am to 9pm daily. Call +65 6788 3888 for enquiries.

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