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Fresh to death: Our top 5 Yeezy Season 3 picks

Everything Kanye West touches turns to hot fire. Take a look at the Yeezy sneakers and how few athleisure fans are truly over them despite it being two seasons since the shoe debuted.

The Yeezy line is back again for a third season, and this time, the collection is blatantly military inspired, following the usual colour palette of dark neutrals and pops of red. It’s not particularly radical, but the wearability and prestige behind the name is what keeps people coming back. People love Yeezy like Kanye loves Kanye, after all.

Here are our top five picks from Yeezy Season 3 for men should you choose to hop on the Kanye karriage.

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This green over-sized coat looks daunting, but is rather practical for winter vacations or beating the wet weather we’re going through.

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Instead of all-black sweatpants, Yeezy changes it up with black and red panels. Pair it with camo like the model, or any black logo t-shirt to truly emulate the signature athleisure look.

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This shearling coat in sunny yellow is a standout piece to make any outfit pop. The collar can be clipped to form a high neck — a look only advisable for photoshoots or extremely cold weather.

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The beauty of athleisure is how you can look and feel comfortable while being absolutely stylish. This Yeezy distressed knit sweater takes it a step further — looking dishevelled beyond reason is the new cool. The beautiful pistachio colour validates the holes, trust.

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Salmon is such an underrated colour in menswear, and for a lack of good reason. This tonal salmon-coloured duo is the way to go to make peach look edgy. Plus, the over-sized sweater is pretty much the best thing you could want in colder weather.

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