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Gift everlasting sculptural blooms from Shanghai Tang Spring/Summer 2023 collection this Mother’s Day

The act of giving flowers is significant. Expressing love, gratitude, and appreciativeness with magnificent floral bouquets can uplift the spirits and moods of receivers. Unfortunately, the natural beauty of flowers is short-lived. To make these thoughtful gifts all the more meaningful, Shanghai Tang has created an exclusive sculptural bloom for their Spring/Summer 2023 collection that’s also befitting for Mother’s Day.

The Hong Kong-based luxury apparel brand includes key motifs of mystical ginger flower butterflies and sculptural silk roses in their latest womenswear collection. Tender but resilient, these designs exhibit tenacious traits too. There’s no doubt that the special women in your life will re-wear them for various occasions with pride.

Flowers bloom for Shanghai Tang’s Spring/Summer 2023 collection

Shanghai Tang Summer 2023 collection red dress

Shanghai Tang’s latest womenswear collection, named “Cheng Hua”, finds inspiration from a woman who arrived in the rain with an umbrella like a flower blooming, enjoying the rosy night in the busy Shanghai city.

This season’s collection chosen colour palette, like the juxtaposition of black and gold, exudes an intellectual demeanour accented by the gold sparkle. In addition, the touch of cream white also brings femininity and serenity to the collection.

The “Butterfly Soul”, a motif in velvet from this 2023 collection, depicts Shanghai Tang’s signature fragrance’s key ingredient – the ginger flower. It fuses with an elegant butterfly which conveys the free spirit of a woman.

Shanghai Tang Summer 2023 collection white suit

Another feature from the “Cheng Hua” collection is “Planting Roses”. Here, the craft of  Chinese silk flower handicraft, a traditional Chinese cultural craft, is employed by experienced embroiderers using ribbon embroidery. Each bloom is unique and delicately expressed as if they were growing on the garments, hence the name “Planting Roses”. They appear in garments like flowy blouses and a relaxed-fit suit jacket, all of which are made of breathable natural fabrics with comfort and wearability in mind. A range of heavy to lightweight silk, cotton and velvet also feature throughout the collection.

If there’s a desire for something exquisite, reach out for the collection’s regal Maxi Summer oriental dresses. Available in timeless pieces, from classic cheongsam to hand-crafted apparel, they are suitable for day-to-evening events, with a versatility that’s perfect for busy women who need a wardrobe that’ll take them from work to play effortlessly.

(All images credit: Shanghai Tang)

Shanghai Tang‘s Spring/Summer 2013 womenswear collection is available at all Shanghai Tang boutiques including Takashimaya Shopping Centre, Raffles City and The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands.

Gift everlasting sculptural blooms from Shanghai Tang Spring/Summer 2023 collection this Mother’s Day

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