Christmas is almost here, and chances are you’re still picking out gifts for your loved ones. We wouldn’t recommend saving your festive shopping to the last minute, as all the shelves are already starting to empty out and you’ll have to settle for second-best. But we don’t settle for second best here at Lifestyle Asia, and neither should you.

If you were wondering what to get to stuff those stockings this festive season, might we suggest a gift that comes in an orange box tied together with a brown Bolduc ribbon? The thrill of opening something new from Hermès is already an exciting experience. Couple that with some festive cheer, and the lucky recipient of your gift might not even be able to wait till Christmas morning to open their gifts. Who knows, you might even pick up something for yourself in the midst of all this shopping. You wouldn’t be bound by any Yuletide laws then, and you’re free to unwrap your gift to yourself any time you want.