Twice a year for four days, sartorially-inclined gentlemen make their biannual pilgrimage to Pitti Uomo. These peacocking men turn the sidewalks of Florence into a runway with their masterfully-tailored suits and footwear.

The fashion-forward elite will show up with their bespoke loafers without so much of an adjustment to their pocket squares. To help you get started on improving your shoe game, here is the guide to loafers you never knew you needed.

Loafers are the quickest solution to get you out the door if you’re late or in a hurry. Just slip them on and off you go. There are four major loafer styles: the penny, horsebit, tassel, and Belgian. What sets them apart is their decorative feature, ranging from a little tassel, a metal horsebit, or a plain old strap.

A common misconception is that you can call loafers moccasins and vice versa. While the two have similar silhouettes, they are quite different. Loafers have a signature low heel, where the moccasins do not – the trademark studded sole of Tod’s moccasins has rubber studs that are there for added grip while driving, and it’s not a definitive feature of moccasins.

When putting on a pair of loafers, remember this rule of thumb: your trouser’s hem should end above the loafer, and don’t let it sag over the tongue.