Every new fashion season heralds trends that define what we wear for the months to come. Beyond garments, accessories are equally deserving of a seasonal overhaul, and there are few categories we adore more than handbags. Think about it — a bag is a constant companion, so why not purchase one that has the added edge of being coveted by style mavens everywhere?

For Fall/Winter 2019, handbag trends are governed by curious reptilian prints, chain details, geometry and more. To help you with your quest for your next wrist candy, we’ve compiled some of the said trends and the bags that embody them. Enjoy your retail therapy.

Structured handles

As apparel embraces the louche, bags retain balance by turning to structured silhouettes for Fall/Winter 2019. Structured top-handle purses, in particular, are all the rage, no matter the size. Some border on travel cases, while others are perfect for everyday wear. The bottom line is, we want them all.

Chain straps

We’re chained to the rhythm with this handbag trend. While chain straps are typically associated with evening bags, we’re glad designers are finally embracing the fact that chainlink bag straps deserve time in the light.

Geometric shapes

Creative directors have kicked their design dimensions into high gear this season with bags that bear seriously geometric shapes. From the cuboid to the sphere and everything in between, Fall/Winter 2019 is schooling us on geometry and we welcome it.

Double bags

The principle that two is better than one rings true in the case of Fall/Winter 2019’s most outlandish handbag trend. Brands are embracing the combination of two or more bags, worn as one. While some of us may question the functionality, to chronic overpackers, it’s your time to shine.

Beatrice Bowers
Features Editor
Beatrice Bowers writes about beauty, drinks, and other nice things. When not bound to her keyboard, she moonlights as a Niffler for novels and can be found en route to bankruptcy at your nearest bookstore. Don't tell her boss.