Twice a year, the fashion week circus rolls into the industry’s four capitals. They descend for a few short days on each, and before jetting off to the next, established editors jostle in line with Instagram It-girls to be ushered to their front row seats, while onlookers crowd to see what the fanfare is all about. This a fashion month sight we are all too familiar with.

Another will be the peacocking stunt that the general public conveniently terms as street style. While this can, at times, be quite nauseating — especially when some go insanely overboard just to be seen and street style-papped — there are those who do execute it with tasteful flair.

Take Farfetch’s Vice President of Style, Yasmin Sewell. There’s a reason why her laidback-chic sensibility is a magnet to the camera lens of Tommy Ton or Phil Oh. So is model Irene Kim’s penchant for poppy colours or model-DJ Sita Abellan’s punch-packing edge.

So what’s the secret? How do these style cognoscenti do it? The best way to learn how one hones one’s personal style is by dissecting one’s ensemble. And sometimes, by recreating it, piece by piece. To answer your burning questions, we cherry pick and recreate their best street style looks for the recent Fall 2018 fashion show. From monochromatic head-to-toe outfits to model-off-duty finesse, we’ve got ’em all here.

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(All images: Phil Oh)