The precise definition of masculinity has been debated over centuries, but there’s more than a set of rules and guidelines that truly make a man. Being masculine has taken different connotations over the years, but we can all agree that Zegna’s ideal is the most poignant and relatable: To embrace the concept of vulnerability, taking risks to surpass notions, and coming to terms with both inner strengths and weaknesses.

(Image credit: Ermenegildo Zegna)

In keeping with the philosophy, Zegna has joined forces with Cesvi, one of the largest and most prominent humanitarian organizations in Italy. The partnership — titled From A to Zegna will see the 110-year-old Italian house take the lead on building the future of today’s youths with a variety of educational programs that aim to inspire a new meaning of masculinity while challenging stereotypes. The initiative is also a spring board for youths to nurture and champion a distinct sense of humanity with.

(Image credit: Ermenegildo Zegna)

In true Zegna fashion, a special #WHATMAKESAMAN t-shirt has been created and is sold in all Zegna boutiques worldwide. The proceeds from the t-shirt sales will support the cause, which protects and helps vulnerable children without access to education. From A to Zegna will work alongside Cesvi’s Houses of Smiles in countries such as Italy, Peru, and South Africa to conduct workshops and collaborate with local universities to create programs based on the community’s unique needs. 

Zegna isn’t stranger to championing a positive difference in society. Run by the Fondazione Zegna — the family’s philanthropic arm — the partnership joins the Ermenegildo Zegna Founder’s Scholarship in promoting education and supporting talent around the world.

The world could do with a redefinition of masculinity, and there hasn’t been an easier way to spread the message then now. Ermenegildo Zegna’s Artistic Director Alessandro Sartori visited recently to shed light on the campaign. Here’s what went down at the exclusive symposium.

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